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Outfit Posts
Early Autumn

Despite its slow start, this summer has been rather glorious. However, when the temperature goes above 28°C in London, the heat becomes uncomfortable; you feel simultaneously sticky and dusty. I shouldn't complain about the weather, given that we get so little sunshine. But I can't help looking forward to the new season, even though [ read more ... ]

30, August 2016 • Outfit Posts

Social Commentary
Burkini Beach

People often comment on the clothes I wear, but I don't mind what people think of my look. I know my style is somewhat attention grabbing, so I expect comments (positive or negative) as a par for the course. Living in a Western, cosmopolitan city like London, insures that how I choose to dress or the contents of my uterus is my own [ read more ... ]

29, August 2016 • Social Commentary

Fashion Journal
Sick Note

I've recently suffered a very nasty kidney infection. I'll spare you the details, but I've been feeling wretched since Saturday and in no condition to blog. Normal service will hopefully resume by the end of the [ read more ... ]

23, August 2016 • Fashion Journal

Outfit Posts
I capture the castle

There are certain looks that I revisit time and time again and the 70s frock has become a stalwart in my wardrobe. I think the 70s was the last decade of truly beautiful clothes. The 80s was brash and sometimes interesting, but not beautiful. 90s grunge was cool, while the 00s was horrid. It was the decade of overly straightened hair, [ read more ... ]

17, August 2016 • Outfit Posts

Outfit Posts
Skirting Around

It's very gratifying when my talented friends achieve the success they deserve. I've featured Teatum Jones on my blog dozens of times and every season, they go from strength to strength. After winning the Woolmark Prize earlier this year, Catherine and Rob's career trajectory is on a steep incline. This skirt is from AW16 - my [ read more ... ]

15, August 2016 • Outfit Posts

It's All Going Wonderfully Well
The Promise
Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 14.56.56

I haven't written anything personal for a while, but what I have to say might be useful. It's been over two years since my Dad died. I've noticed that I've entered a new stage in the grieving process and I'm starting to recover. I think of grief more as a journey than a 'process'; it's a meandering and sometimes perilous path, with [ read more ... ]

12, August 2016 • It's All Going Wonderfully Well