Pretty Earrings

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I used to include at least one ugly item in any outfit; I felt that the addition of a clunky shoe or a piece of jewellery worthy of Mr T would make me look edgy. These days, however, I can’t resist the charms of the traditionally pretty. As a result I’m less vanguard and I don’t mind a bit. The jewellery I’m interested in now is unreservedly beautiful and of a distinctly bohemian persuasion. Georgiana Scott does a wonderful line of statement chandelier earrings that are light as air. I’m also very taken with Alexis Bittar, whose contemporary spin on old school elegance is right up my street. I like to wear dangly earrings in the day with a plain t-shirt and minimal makeup, or in the evening with a floaty frock and a slash of bright lipstick.

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