The Shape of Beauty

I  have a career where I wear many hats.  Whether I’m in actress, writer, producer or stylist mode, I have to get my brain into the appropriate headspace. Alas, these hats are metaphorical as apposed to actual – my headwear collection would rather more impressive otherwise. Having been on both sides of the camera I’ve come to understand a great deal about body issues. A few years back I was booked for a TV commercial for a high profile beauty brand. I was dead chuffed to have been chosen from the dozens of hopefuls; I strolled into the fitting session brimming with confidence. After about an hour of with wardrobe, 15 folks from the ad agency and the director ambled in and sat around critiquing my looks as though I wasn’t there. One […]

Autumn Essentials on Sale…Hooray!

There’s a change in the air, no doubt about it – autumn’s on it’s way.  As much as I would love for summer to stretch on way into September, there’s something briskly refreshing about the return of fall.  After the long, hot, lazy days of summer it feels right to be pulling on coats and boots and making a fresh start of life.  Maybe it’s a hangover from school days, but ochre leaves falling from the trees and a nip in the air signal fresh new beginnings.  Ironic seeing as autumn by rights should be rather more melancholic.  Maybe the buoyant mood that the seasonal change engenders is wholly to do with the presence of new fashion in the shops.  Either way, I like it. The start of a new season isn’t traditionally […]

These Boots are Made for Walking

As much as I love my home town of London, there are times when the city and it’s people grate on my last nerve.  There’s nothing quite like commuting in morning rush hour to bring out the my inner misanthrope.  As I teetered my way to work in 4 inch stilettos, I hopped onto the tube only to manhandled into the personal space of a rather disagreeable, middle aged woman. The lady in question was highly aggrieved that she was forced into in an intimately compromising position with me; I should add that I wasn’t enjoying be up close and personal with her.  She got even crosser when I stumbled into her every time the train jerked and jolted – unsteady on my chic but perilous heels.  She expressed her seething rage by […]

What’s cool now? Bambi and sweats, obviously…

Over the past few seasons the humble sweatshirt has risen up the sartorial ranks from unloved gym wear to a highly coveted hero piece.  The ascent of the sweatshirt is in direct correlation with the resurrection and re-brand of the label Kenzo.  When Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, who created cult store Opening Ceremony, took over Kenzo they infused the label with youthful, streetwise aesthetic.  One of Kenzo re-brand success stories is without a doubt the now iconic sweatshirt. The top 50 A-Line skirts from @kenzo_paris, @ZARA, @Simone_Rocha_ and more — Grazia UK (@GraziaUK) August 30, 2013 The Kenzo sweatshirt craze started over a year ago, which in fashion terms is positively an epoch. However the sweatshirt has continued to grapple it’s way up the ladder of cool by taking centre stage on […]

Three Floor A/W13

There are certain labels that push the envelope, challenge conventional wisdom and encourage us to re-evaluate how we get dressed.  In most cases these ground breaking label’s prices are as high as their concepts; the mere mortals among us can only dream of wearing an extraordinary creation by Peter Pilotto, Christopher Kane or Alexander McQueen.  However, once in a while a brand will come along that makes amazing, contemporary clothes that don’t cost the earth; Three Floor is one such brand.  Founded in 2011 by Central Saint Martin’s graduate Han Chong and Yvonne Hoang, the label offers genuinely interesting designs at prices that don’t require the bank balance of an oligarch. Inspired by the outfits of fashion bloggers and industry insiders, the online label has been a firm favourite of editors and buyers […]

Subtle Sexiness, Foam Fingers and Miley Cyrus.

There’s been a whole lotta ho-ha these past few days; thanks to a now infamous performance on the VMA’s the words ‘Miley Cyrus’ and ‘Twerking‘ have become bi-phrases for scandal.  I personally don’t understand what all the fuss is about.  Yes, Cyrus’ performance was tasteless and displayed precious little of her talent,  but in terms of the content of the performance it wasn’t more explicit then past offerings from Lady Gaga, Britney or Madonna.  True, there was the edition of the big foam finger which Miley used to point at her and Robin Thicke’s genitals, just in case anyone had forgotten their location on the human anatomy.   I suspect what has caused the furore is the fact that her raunchy jiggling didn’t appear choreographed – just the random writhing of any drunk […]

Punk Nouveau: Autumn’s most rebellions trend

Out of the emerging trends for Autumn, there’s one that upstart that’s causing a style ruckus. She has historical roots in the 70’s and 80’s; a time of anarchic rebellion. She represents every rabble-rousing, status-quo upsetting maverick who rejected the mainstream, just because she could. I’m of course referring to the punk trend that swept the A/W runways and terrorised the Met Ball.  The fact that punk is having a trend moment means that’s its essential ideology is over. Punk’s rebellious raison d’être is about rejecting conformist orthodoxies; yet it’s become so conventionally acceptable that it’s moved into the mainstream and become a commodity that can be bought and consumed.   Vivienne Westwood rocks tartan. #punk #fashion Be AW 2013 trend Fashion ready with some tartan — Frock and Kohl (@frockandkohl) August 25, […]

So bad’s it good.

There are certain things in life that should be terrible, but for some logic defeating reason, are unequivocally awesome.  Grease Two, salted caramel and David Hasselhoff;  by the laws of all that is holy, all of the former should suck, yet  they defy the rules of good taste and are all the better for it.  My theory is that when something passes through the bad taste barrier it comes back round the other side and into extreme brilliance. The same rule applies to fashion –  there are clothes that by rights should be incinerated, but their precarious balancing act on the borders of good taste adds to their incredible edge. Pastel coloured  metallics, white stilettos, anything in PVC – surely no sane style conscious person should be seen dead in such garments? Yet somehow […]

Autumn in Bloom: How to wear fall’s flowers.

With the rapid approach of autumn it’s time to break out the new season looks, but this can be challenging when the weather stubbornly remains balmy.  A great solution for transeasonal dressing are winter florals; they look pretty as a picture in the last days of summer and will be add the delicate lightness of petals to heavy winter outfits.  Dark floral prints look luscious next to the richness of claret knits and caramel coats, my favourite way to wear them is in contrast to with sheer chiffon, a predilection I share with Ricardo Tisci of Givenchy. Alber Elbaz at Lanvin took a more traditional approach to floral dressing, with 50’s inspired shapes and luxuriant fabrics.  The Lanvin collection had it’s usual brand of unabashed femininity, but this time round Elbaz injected a […]

Man Up: Winter’s Coats

2013 is the year of the coat. Fact. I know this is somewhat dogmatic statement, however it comes from an informed and considered place.  Never have there been so many, beautiful, chic cover-ups in the high street and designer stores.  This is nothing but good so far as I’m concerned; I hate that point in winter where you’ve worn your favourite coat so much that you feel that you’re wearing the same outfit everyday.  Also in the UK, the weather changes its mind more often than most people change their underwear – so to have few coat choices make a lot of sense.   @AlyssaPR haha I noticed that too! — Kristina Giliberto (@krisgiliberto) August 14, 2013   One of the most dominating looks this season is oversized, mannish and fiercely contemporary.  Designers […]