So bad’s it good.

There are certain things in life that should be terrible, but for some logic defeating reason, are unequivocally awesome.  Grease Two, salted caramel and David Hasselhoff;  by the laws of all that is holy, all of the former should suck, yet  they defy the rules of good taste and are all the better for it.  My theory is that when something passes through the bad taste barrier it comes back round the other side and into extreme brilliance.

The same rule applies to fashion –  there are clothes that by rights should be incinerated, but their precarious balancing act on the borders of good taste adds to their incredible edge. Pastel coloured  metallics, white stilettos, anything in PVC – surely no sane style conscious person should be seen dead in such garments? Yet somehow clothes that flagrantly flaunt the rules end up being the iconic pieces that go down in history, or infamy depending on ones point of view.

ASOS Patent Zip Detail Coat £90.00
ASOS Patent Zip Detail Coat
ASOS Full Midi Skirt in Patent £45.00
ASOS Full Midi Skirt in Patent

PVC shouldn’t be chic, in fact any fabric that’s wipe clean shouldn’t be anywhere near chic, but this skirt and coat are high up my lust list.  I blame Jonathan Saunders.




ASOS Sweatshirt with All Over Foil £35.00
ASOS Sweatshirt with All Over Foil
MIISTA Zoe rose gold brogue £140
MIISTA Zoe rose gold brogue £140

Iridescent metallics, surely they should only be seen on the wings of butterflies and the shell’s of beetles?  Yet wearing nature’s most flashy colours is deeply appealing, maybe that’s just me.




ASOS Playsuit in Leather Look £45.00
ASOS Playsuit in Leather Look
ASOS Dungarees in Relaxed Fit £38.00
ASOS Dungarees in Relaxed Fit

This is a look I’ve yet to try, mostly because I suspect I’ll look like the Mario Brother’s butch sister.  However, I’ve seen some stylish girls rock this look, HARD.

Lazy Oaf Betty Backpack £55.00
Lazy Oaf Betty Backpack
Herschel City Mid Volume Backpack £50.00
Herschel City Mid Volume Backpack

Backpacks should be the preserve of students carting their heavy load of ready material two and from school, no? No! Backpacks have had a style renaissance, all the better for fashion and my poor abused shoulders.

Dune Alvino Pointed Court Shoes £79.00
Dune Alvino Pointed Court Shoes
ASOS HOCUS Heeled Sandals £50.00
ASOS HOCUS Heeled Sandals

White heels.  They’re just wrong, but oh so very, very right.  The joy of clothes that are slightly dicey is that they provide edge to an otherwise dull outfit – a white heel with a chic dress lends a dash of essex girl danger to a look.  I love it.