Wear the Walk

I never thought that the 8th month of my pregnancy would be a time for high fashion. The most outre looks are not usually created for my bulbous silhouette. Even though I’m itching to refresh my wardrobe, I don’t want to buy loads of new stuff, given that I’m due to give birth in three weeks. However, I’ve recently discovered Wear the Walk, a new company who I’ve been collaborating with. The brain child of Zoe Partridge, Wear the Walk rents out clothes from dynamic emerging designers. I’ve always been a fan of fresh new talent, which London has in abundant supply. This coat by MINNANHUI is a great example of something that I would love to wear to Fashion Week, but probably wouldn’t buy because of it’s extreme flamboyance. Not that there is anything wrong with that, I’ve […]

Pregnancy Fitness

Over the last few years I’ve incorporated exercise into my daily routine. I keep fit for the obvious physical benefits, but I work out primarily for my mental health. I like to work really hard and love the rush of endorphins after going hell for leather. If I don’t exercise for a few days I start to feel peculiar. I hate the gym and only exercise at home, I resent paying for something I can do for free. I’m also a hopeless klutz, and I used to have frequent and embarrassing accidents in my local gym. I’d fall off the cross trainer or drop my phone on the treadmill, which would go flying backwards and hit the shins of the poor person on the machine behind me. I also have weird mutant strength, and would always […]

An announcement

I’m pregnant! Baby HH is due in May and I’m really excited to be a mum. My husband, who has an arch sense of irony, has temporarily christened our unborn child Donald Bump. I anticipate some sartorial challenges – I’ve already had to give up on my skinny-waisted skirts. I’m 13 weeks gone and at the awkward phase where my body has changed, but I don’t have enough of a bump to justify maternity wear. I’m hoping to wear a lot of flowing, a-line dresses as I’m not a fan of a body-con, pregnant Kim K look. I’ll document my pregnancy style here, on Instagram and Twitter. Love Rosa and Donald Bump XX    

Ekaterina Kukhareva SS17: Nereids

Ethereal lightness and sports-luxe aren’t adjectives that often sit together, however Ekaterina Kukhareva’s latest collection married the two aesthetics to a lovely effect. The presentation was set against the art deco background of the Bronte Restaurant, which reminded me of a 1930s cruise liner. Entitled ‘Nereids’, after Greek mythological sea nymphs, Kukhareva’s delicate ruffles suggested undulating coral and drifting jelly fish. The pastel colour palette was punctuated with olive green and splashes of squid-ink black, which added balance to the sugary prettiness.  The tailoring was slouchy and relaxed; whether it was the luxe pyjamas or the full length gowns, the collection had all the breezy whimsy of a sunny day by the seaside. The sea will be a huge trend come spring next year, and many designers made oceanic references in their collections. However, Ekaterina’s spin on the trend was unique to her elaborate, yet wearable look.  

Judy Wu SS17: Curve

One of the things I love about London Fashion Week, is having the chance take a close look at the clothes and talk to designers about their work. Judy Wu’s latest collection was a beautiful combination of sports-luxe and exaggerated femininity. Entitled ‘Curve’, Judy took inspiration from architecture that blends structure with generous arcs and contours, mimicking the female body. The pieces were beautifully constructed, with classic vintage-like tailoring, complete with nipped in waists and boxy, elegant jackets. I loved the skirts layered with petal-like layers of chiffon, that gently fluttered in the breeze. Judy’s zingy colours served as a palette cleanser, which will be most welcome come spring time. Technically, a fashion journalist should analyse a collection with cold impartiality, dissecting the designer’s work without personal bias. When I’ve written for other publications, I’ve tried to apply equitable journalistic integrity. However, when writing on my […]

Sick Note

I’ve recently suffered a very nasty kidney infection. I’ll spare you the details, but I’ve been feeling wretched since Saturday and in no condition to blog. Normal service will hopefully resume by the end of the week.

Sunday’s Child

An extract from my book, It’s all going Wonderfully Well, was published in the the Mail On Sunday You Magazine. It was a surreal moment; I’ve yet to become accustomed to having my life experiences laid out in cold black and white. It’s as though once they’re off my laptop they stop belonging to me. I don’t know why this is or what I expected. It’s not a negative feeling, just a little strange. I’m a compulsive perfectionist and whenever I open a copy of the book, I’m still itching to tinker with it. I want to move a comma here and swap a verb there, but despite my pedantic urge to fiddle with the minutia, I’m pleased with the book overall. I set out to pay tribute to my Dad, and I believe I did him justice. He was a unique, extraordinary, mercurial man who […]

Book Launch

After nearly two years of work, my book is being released on April 21st and I can’t believe how quickly the time has passed. It’s all going Wonderfully Well tells the story of my relationship with my Dad, his journey to becoming a famous actor, losing him to a degenerative illness and the grieving process. I am doing an event on April 15th at Soho House, where I’ll be interviewed by journalist Larushka Ivan-Zadeh. I’ll be sharing my memories of Dad, talking about the process of writing the book and the amazing people I met along the way, including Judi Dench, Ray Winstone and Robert Zemeckis. The price of the ticket includes a copy of the book. It would be great to see you there. Rosa xx Feature image courtesy of Lloyd Dobbie.

The Skinny

I spend an inordinate amount of time procrastinating, often by flicking through my various social media accounts and watching videos on Youtube. I justify the wasted time by telling myself that it’s valid research for my various work projects. However, I recently came across a web series that really perked my interest. Jessie Kahnweiler’s dark comedy, The Skinny, tells the story of a wannabe Youtube star who’s suffering from bulimia. Having struggled with the eating disorder for ten years, Kahnweiler plays a dramatised version of herself with unflinching honesty. Many of the scenes are graphic and hard to watch. She jams food into her mouth, then purges to deal with the slings and arrows that life throws her way. Whether it’s her undermining mother (played by Illeana Douglas), her drug addicted boyfriend, or the corporate hipsters with man-buns […]

Amazing Grace

It’s no secret that the fashion industry is unsustainable; we manufacture and consume far too much. In recent months, a number of top designers have left their highly coveted jobs, Raf Simons at Dior, Alexander Wang at Balenciaga and Alber Elbaz at Lanvin. It’s clear that something isn’t working, the yearly show schedule is overwhelming, with the giant houses releasing six collections a year. Where the big guns go, the high street will follow. There’s a slow but sure shift in the way we buy clothes, more people are choosing to invest in key items that will stand the test of time. I’ve recently got to know Lisa Redman, a London designer who creates contemporary clothes in the manner of a heritage couturier. Lisa’s studio in Ladbroke Grove is an Aladdin’s cave of exquisite fabrics and shimmering embellishments. […]

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