The First day of London Fashion Week

So the first day of London Fashion Week is upon us and it’s only fitting that the week should start with a bang. To be precise, the bang was me falling flat on my face on a wet marble floor. After the initial shock, I cackled raucously – how apt that I should stack it on the first day of fashion week -perfect!

I’ve not yet gone to hospital but I’ve got a nasty, increasingly swelling feeling that I’ve sprained a ligament in my elbow, if not fractured the bone. However the show must go on and attend the shows I will. I’ve ducked out of a couple of events this evening in favour of going to A+E, health must be considered at some point. ¬†Added to my fashion week attendance I’ve also recorded a voice over today as well – never let it be said that Rosa Hoskins doesn’t have a strong work ethic. Alas, what I possess in eager beaver vigour, I lack in basic co-ordination.

I’ll keep this entry short as it hurts to type and I may well be rocking arm-sling chic for the rest of fashion week. Regardless of the results of a stint in A+E later today, I’ll be at LFW – come rain or shine. Luckily, I’m with my girls from Your Coffee Break, who’ve been more than kind looking after me and my dodgy arm.

My featured image is from the Felder Felder show from this morning –¬†I’ll upload the rest of my shots from the shows today later on, most likely when I’m waiting for an ex-ray.



For my first day outfit I’m wearing a jacket by Self Portrait, Shirt by Mango, skirt by Carven and my old faithful boots by Topshop.