Nailing Christmas

Christmas is expensive. Fact. I’m rather a fan of the festive season but I usually overspend which results with an alarming credit card bill. Not only do I go bananas buying presents, but with Christmas socialising and new clothes that I inevitably splurge on, I’m broke by New Year. This time round I’m making an effort to recycle and re-style last year’s outfits and be more circumspect with my finances. A way to pep up any look is with a marvellous manicure, however with my economy drive in full swing, getting my nails done falls into the category of frivolous indulgence. To avoid unnecessary frittering, I’ve got a canny method of creating home made nail art that works a treat. I love a coloured half moon; I think it works particularly well with […]

Charlotte Tilbury: from Youtube to Yourface

I’m a champion procrastinator, I’ve whiled away many an unproductive but happy hour watching videos on YouTube and browsing for vintage clothes on eBay. My favourite videos on Youtube either involve Honey Badgers, full grown men re-creating the conversations of a two-year-old or makeup tutorials.  The plethora of makeup tutorials on YouTube are somewhat hit and miss, however there are some that provide indispensable advice from veteran makeup artists who’ve honed their craft after years of working in the industry. In my opinion, the best ones are by Pixiwoo, Lisa Eldridge and Charlotte Tilbury. The proliferation of  YouTube tutorials have fundamentally changed the way makeup brands market their products. No longer can brands rely on glossy adverts and pretty packaging to tempt customers to part with their hard earned cash – women want to see the products […]