Smoke Out

As a self confessed beauty junky, I often find myself scanning the web for new products. The latest Naked Palette from Urban Decay is generating online buzz, but why does anyone need another eyeshadow palette, one might ask? The previous Naked offerings were focused on colour stories; the first was bronzy with a touch of blue, the second was made up of cool, taupe tones and the third was full of warm, blush-pink shades. The previous three are useful additions to any beauty kit, although one would probably be enough. However, the Smoky has piqued my interest because it’s devoted to creating a sultry, sexy eye look.


Rather than running from lightest to darkest, like the last three,  the colours are ordered with mattes on one end and the shimmers on the opposite. It’s difficult to say without getting a close look at the palette, but the shades look promising and I like the concept. A smokey eye is a classic and once mastered, can be transformative. The secret is to fastidiously blend and use flattering colours. I’m not a fan of black because it’s too harsh. Deep purple, navy blue, slate grey and chocolate brown look wonderful on most people. I personally think that there needs to be a highlight accent on the inner corner and along the brow bone to stop smokey eyes being too heavy. This palette meets my criteria, when I get my hands on it I’ll do a smokey eye tutorial.

The Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette comes out on July 8th.