Black and Blue

There is a well established school of thought that black and navy should never be worn together. It is an erroneous and arbitrary paradigm that scuppers many a potentially chic look. I’m ready to start wearing darker, more subdued colours in preparation for a refined autumn. This is rather reserved compared to my usual lurid fare, however it’s nice to indulge in a transeasonal palette cleanser.

There are certain brands that I find myself circling back to time and time again. I would like to break out of my tried and tested habits but there are some retailers that just work for me. Whistles is one of them – this skirt is from their A/W14 collection and I picked up this top in the summer sale. My jacket is by Self Portrait, another label that I find irresistible.

IMG_2294 IMG_2186 IMG_2273 IMG_2279 IMG_2230 IMG_2238 IMG_2282IMG_2299