Boy’s club

Once in a while I get bored of my girl clothes and dive into my husband’s wardrobe, his shirts and jackets are usually my first port of call. This one is a particular favourite; it’s just about tailored enough that it doesn’t swamp me. I have to be careful when I experiment with an Annie Hall look; it can easily swerve off track and the result is butch rather than chic. I was onceĀ mistaken for a bloke in a bar – most women would be mortally offended if someone mistook their gender, but I found it hilarious and let out an uproarious cackle. After I told the rather drunk chapĀ I was not a boy, I was just wearing one of my husband’s shirts, the poor stumbled back to his group of friends, shamefaced and crumpled.

The trick is to match man clothes with something feminine and unashamedly girly. I’ve paired the borrowed jacket with a textured skirt from Whistles, a shirt by the lovely Georgia Hardinge and a super-cute pair of shoes by Joanne Stoker.

IMG_7424IMG_7441 IMG_7446 IMG_7524 IMG_7401 IMG_7430