Camel Lights

This autumn there’s an eclectic, vintage vibe that’s permeated many of the trends. Much of it involves clashing colours, loud prints and layers of contrasting textures; I love this look, but it needs to be carefully styled. Sticking to one colour in different tones is a foolproof way to wear the new-old. Camel shades will be everywhere, a classic colour that’s always worth investing in. I bought this coat from French Connection years ago and it comes in handy every season. The blouse is from The Reformation, the skirt is from Zara and my sunglasses are by Karen Walker. My towering platforms are by Joanne Stoker, they add a little edge to an otherwise safe outfit.

I’m very happy about this move towards the new-oldness, I’ve been rocking it for a long time and I’ll still be wearing it long after the trend has died.




  • john

    Like me you can’t til autumn lol-totally approve of the camel coat-reminds me of Gene Hunt, my Dad and your Dad too -blouse and dress very nice too -shades add gangster vibe too -very cool.