Can’t stop the music

I’ve never been to a music festival; teeming crowds, rivers of mud, rancid porta-loos and camping sounds terrible. I’m sure that live music compensates for the squalid conditions, but I’m too high maintenance to cope with it. I had a vague notion that I should go to at least one before my youth is out, but I think that particular ship has sailed. However, I find myself dressing for Bestival or Tea in the Park with no plans to attend. This little vintage number would do nicely at a festival, although I’ll be wearing it on warm days in the city and to the beach.


  • john

    That ship aint sailed -i’m still a kid at 42 lol-can’t be arsed with festivals though-seem very corporate these days -music is best (for me anyhow) in a urban envoriment . If you do go to one-make sure it aint in a muddy envoriment -it would be a shame to ruin that white dress-photos pretty as ever btw