Cold Flower

I’m a hopeless overdresser. I once went to a very low key party in a vintage black lace 50’s gown, of course IĀ ripped the dress over the course of the evening and I went home looking like a ragged corpse bride. I do try to dress appropriately but I find the lure of evening wear too great. This skirt is from ASOS and has all the traitsĀ of clothes that I love – a bold print, a metallic sheen and a dramatic silhouette. In an attempt to make the skirt slightly less like a piece that one would wear to a ball, I’ve styled it with an old jumper of my husband’s and my scruffy old ankle boots. This was his favourite until he shrunk it in the wash, the upside of his laundry mishap is that it fits me nicely. I think this look would also work with a casual shirt or perhaps a light T. Either way, I’ll look over dressed when I wear it; as always I don’t give a damn.

IMG_6044 IMG_6006 IMG_6024 IMG_6016 IMG_6063 IMG_6054