Collars and Cuffs

With London Fashion week on the imminent horizon, it’s time to plan what to wear for the whirling dervish of shows, presentations and parties. Dressing for Fashion Week is a precarious balancing act – there are a bunch of boxes that need to be ticked:

1) Fashion forward dressing – one can’t been seen to be unaware of the upcoming trends, heaven forfend.

2) Nonchalance – no matter how much effort has been made, it’s essential to appear like no effort has been made at all.

3) Weather appropriateness – rocking up in a beautiful maxi skirt, or a perfectly tailored pair of palazzo pants only for the hemlines to be sodden with grubby rain water won’t do at all.

This outfit is a contender for the week ahead, my PVC skirt and leather trench are splash proof and wipe clean which is a plus for me in any scenario as I’ve caused more than my fair share of spillages. I love the silver collar and cuff details on this silk blouse by Negarin London from Rtister, it adds a little David Bowie bling to a classic piece. The Ziggy Stardust theme is carried through with my silver boots from Reiss

The above list details just a few of the style stipulations that need to be considered, however when presented with a bunch of rules my natural instinct is to flout them. I’ll probably spend London Fashion Week tramping around in a soggy ball gown from three seasons ago just to be contrary, no matter the ill fated consequences.