Grumpy January

January is a foul tempered douche bag of a month. As the glittering lights of December are extinguished and replaced with austere, bleak darkness my mood plummets. Tedious diet regimes, financial economising and well meaning, but ultimately doomed, New Year’s resolutions are accompanied by freezing temperatures and anticlimactic gloom. The emblem of January blues are the drooping and dejected Christmas trees that clutter street corners, stripped of their former finery. In case anyone’s in any doubt, January and I are not friends.

I enter the first month of the year with combative vigour and I find that strenuous exercise and wearing bright colours ease me through the bleak midwinter. Fool hardy optimism combined with pathological sartorial obsession leads me to some pretty chilly fashion choices but I care not. Layers of Uniqlo Heattech and sheer tights are my allies in grumpy January. I’ve paired my Asos pink circle skirt (similar here) with my grey sweatshirt from Whistles (similar here). In homage to the naked Christmas trees scattered everywhere,  I’ve decorated myself with a little post festive gaudiness in the form of an old statement necklace from Accessorize (similar here).  I bought my shoes from Miista last year, I’ve got my eye on these bad boys to update my look for the new year. My jacket is an old vintage favourite I scored from Ebay.

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