I capture the castle

There are certain looks that I revisit time and time again and the 70s frock has become a stalwart in my wardrobe. I think the 70s was the last decade of truly beautiful clothes. The 80s was brash and sometimes interesting, but not beautiful. 90s grunge was cool, while the 00s was horrid. It was the decade of overly straightened hair, bejewelled denim and sparkly butterfly-shaped crop tops. To top if off, everyone was covered in a thick layer of orange fake tan. Britney Spears has a lot to answer for.

My eternal style icons are Stevie Nicks and Kate Bush. I like to imagine myself wafting around a castle carpeted with dry ice, a chorus of backing singers chronicling the narrative of my tragic love story…

Of course, if my fantasy were to become a reality, I would trip on the hem of my diaphanous gown and break a tooth on the stone floor. Then I’d have get on my hands and knees to search for my knocked out tooth amongst the dry ice mist. I’ll stick with the 70s dresses and avoid castles.

This dress is from Glamorous, and the shoes are very old from Next (similar here).


  • john

    Really nice -Romana or Sarah Jane out of 1970s Doctor Who would be jealous-you’d be a good stylist for that show.
    Yep ! but you weren’t around back in 70’s .it was kinda like New Avengers then punk happened which as a sprog I appreciated lol -Kate Bush 4sure a incredible artist -had a big effect on me she’s really special
    ;But was 00’s all orange tans? I’m sure there was some great design (Alexandra McQueen for example)00’s seem kinda un-nostalgic (apart from computer games)but I’m sure if you dig deep enough you will find the awesome from that period… I guess that’s true with every decade