Ice age

The last time I had a tan was over ten years ago. I was not going to expose my skin to damaging UV rays so I did my best to fake it. I never got the hang of tan out of a bottle; whether I applied it myself or went to a professional, the results were the same. I had more orange stripes that a tiger and eventually the streaks flaked and resembled some unfortunate skin disease. I decided to give up on the pursuit of a sunkissed glow and accept my spectral pallor.  However, it’s only when I saw these pictures that I realised quite how white my sun starved skin has become. Not that it bothers me, I’ve embraced my ghost complexion. As women, we’re always striving to change ourselves – where it be thinner, darker, lighter, flatter, rounder or just plain different. This isn’t to suggest that I’m without insecurities – I’m riddled with self doubt. However, I think conforming to someone else’s view of normal leads to strife. I’m proud to stand out against a sea of tan and I won’t change for anyone. My husband bought me this dress for Christmas from Whistles. I like the clean simplicity and chic restraint, it’s rather a departure from my usual frothy fare. I’ve paired it with a pair of mismatched earrings from ASOS.