Neutral New Year

I struggle with neutrals; simple easy going peices are the bedrock of any wardrobe. This is all fine and dandy, but I find myself drawn towards bright colours and extravagant textures. I can’t bear the prescriptive, ring fenced style advice that is touted as the ‘capsule wardrobe’ in magazines. The classic blazer, the perfect jeans and the tailored white shirt send me into a boredom induced coma. For me, the basics are leather, loud prints, metallic fabrics and pleated skirts. This outfit is about the closest I come to ‘classic’.

This coat is an old favourite from French Connection, it was an investment piece that I’ve worn again and again.  The skirt is a recent sales purchase, by Cédric Charlier from Avenue 32. The shoes are by Joanne Stoker – I’m obsessed with Joanne’s work. Her shoes are cute, quirky and original; excellent qualities in my book.


  • Gabriel Chase

    So haute! ;-D