When I was about 17 I decided that I wanted to dress up every day. From that point onwards I started wearing whatever I fancied, regardless of what the rest of the crowd were doing. I started rummaging through Camden Market for cheap vintage thrills. I went to a school with no uniform and I took full advantage of the sartorial freedom. Even though there was no official uniform, there was a dress code that most of the other kids followed. It was a was grunge, self consciously casual version Claire Danes in ‘My So Called Life’. To begin with I toed the line and then became tired of following the herd, and I started to overdress as a matter of course. My one concession to daywear was a denim jacket from the Gap, bought in 1997. I slung it over everything from second hand prom dresses to the day-glow, reflective pieces, scored from Cyber Dog.

I found this denim jacket in the back of my wardrobe the other day and decided it’s high time for another outing. I’ve layered it over this dress from The Reformation, which has more than a touch of flamenco. The denim calms it down and makes it marginally more day time acceptable, not that I worry much about the trifling matter of being appropriate. I’ve recently discovered Meriko London, a lovely jewellery brand that is perfect for this season’s polished boho trend.