The Husband Jeans

I’m not a jeans wearer, my go-to wardrobe basics are leather skirts and vintage dresses, certainly not denim. I find jeans challenging because I feel fat in them, I know that’s poisonous insecurity talking but it’s difficult to shake off my pestiferous internal monologue. I’m trying to get past my jeans aversion – they are jolly useful after all. As much as I’m ok with being the most dressed up person in the room, I sometimes yearn to be one of those nonchalant women who appear to not have made a jot of effort. The ones who rock up to any event looking like they’ve rolled out of bed, peeled a pair of skinny jeans off the floor, thrown on a t-shirt and look the business.  Alas, I fear that girl will never be […]

White out

After my accident at London Fashion Week I surrendered to practicality and invested in a pair of sensible shoes. Nike trainers have had a renaissance in recent years and Air Max are swaddling some of the worlds most fashionable feet. I couldn’t quite bring myself to go for the prosaic charm of a totally flat sneaker, so I chose a pair of Dunk Sky High Tops instead.  I never thought I’d wear a wedge trainer, in years gone by I’d have balked at the idea. However, the Nike Dunk Sky Highs are more flattering than flat kicks, the wedge gives the illusion of longer legs and smaller feet – both highly necessary in my case. The Luxe Sportswear trend has been knocking around for a few seasons now, but I’ve avoided the look because […]

Spring Awakening

Could it be? Has spring arrived? In years gone by when I’ve been over-optimistic and I’ve thrown on summer clothes with gay abandon on the first sunny day of the year, only to wind up freezing, jaded and covered in goose bumps. However, the balmy weekend buoyed my sartorial cheer and I basked in the riotous glory of this colour combo. Pink and orange should traditionally never be seen in one look, however I’m personally a fan of their Fraggle Rock radiance. In fact the theme tune from that retro puppet show pretty much sums up my early spring mood – what I lack in sophistication I make up for in cheerful joie de vivre. I’ve paired an old shirt from Whistles with a skirt from Carven and shoes from Topshop.

Mrs Joe Bloggs: Peter Pilotto on a normal body

Today’s post will be short and sweet due to the fact that I’m buzzing off to a bunch of meetings and rushing around town like I’m terribly important. Make no mistake, I have zero illusions of grandeur, but being busy certainly imbues one with a false sense of gravitas. One of the ways in which I believe fashion bloggers can be useful is by showing how trends look on a normal person’s body. Of course, models look phenomenal in the latest outré fashion, however on Mrs Joe Blogs the same looks can be less fetching. Designers don’t always create clothes to work for the average woman – rather to satisfy their creativity – which is fine in my book. I’ll discuss the supposed disparity between fashion and ‘real life’ another day when I […]

Why I’m not talking about the Oscars

In the wake of the 86th Acadamy Awards, the blogosphere is buzzing with excitement over the winners and losers of the ceremony and the red carpet. I’m not one for staying up and watching the event – I’m happy with the highlights and poring over the beautiful gowns at my leisure in the morning. However, I’m not going to share my opinions here. Sure, I’ve got my favourite looks from the night, and there are a fair few clangers that I’ve privately winced at. However, there’s a culture of nastiness that’s been fostered by social media and TV shows where celebrities get publicly chastised for their fashion choices. As much as our society reveres celebrities as demi-gods, we are ready to pounce on any minor infraction and greedily devour it like vultures attacking […]

The Sound of Music

I’m often drawn to clothes that I have nostalgic connection to; I bought my 80’s vintage gem on Ebay when I was searching for a Michael Jackson style leather jacket. This guy has a pleasing nod to Jacko (who I’ve loved since I was 6) without going the full Thriller. This pinafore dress is from & Other Stories and has a whiff of The Sound of Music about it. In order to keep the look modern and contemporary I’ve paired it with a loose pink cropped top from Topshop – anything too twee under this dress doesn’t work. I’ve finished the outfit of with my rather dog-eared iridescent brogues from Miista.

The Broken Blogger

I’ve written at length about my pathological clumsiness and how I’m a walking hazard zone.  The fact that I’ve managed to get this far in life without breaking a bone is nothing short of a miracle. However, a couple of weeks ago, on the first day of fashion week, I took a tumble and fractured my elbow. A trifling cracked bone didn’t stop me from going to a bunch of shows and doing a voice over before I eventually went to hospital. My pain threshold is considerable and my priorities are perhaps a little askew. However, the smarting torment in my arm has finally caught up with me and I’ve surrendered to the need to rest. Typing is uncomfortable so my blog posts will be short and to the point until my elbow heals up. Dressing […]

The pleated Stalwart

There are certain standby looks that I know work for me, a pleated midi-skirt and a cropped-top are pretty much failsafe. Sometimes I get a little bored with this outfit, I have it replicated in my wardrobe in multiple colours and incarnations. I long for sleek, masculine tailoring, or skinny leather trousers, but I’ve come to accept that these pieces are never going to work for me. I fear I would look like a butch black pudding in the aforementioned ensemble. Things that ain’t broke need not be fixed. From my midi-skirt/cropped-top base look I can add more masculine pieces, like my coat from Acne (worn in the feature image) or edgy accessories. I love this colour block skirt from Whistles, it’s got a touch of Celine SS14 about it and is a […]

Texture Clash

Once the dust has settled after London Fashion Week, I feel emboldened to try new looks, take risks and challenge the perimeters of my comfort zone. The new ideas presented by the designers are inspiring and invigorating, but the clothes on show attendees are also intriguing. These are the boldest sartorial risk takers in the world who traverse the extremes of style. However, there are some people who go to London Fashion Week simply to be seen and don’t give a hoot about the clothes on the runways. These folks are easy to spot, not only by their outrageous outfits but also by the amount of selfies they take before the shows – they are eager to show their social media followers who they’re sitting next to and how near the front row they are. However, when the models come down […]

The First day of London Fashion Week

So the first day of London Fashion Week is upon us and it’s only fitting that the week should start with a bang. To be precise, the bang was me falling flat on my face on a wet marble floor. After the initial shock, I cackled raucously – how apt that I should stack it on the first day of fashion week -perfect! I’ve not yet gone to hospital but I’ve got a nasty, increasingly swelling feeling that I’ve sprained a ligament in my elbow, if not fractured the bone. However the show must go on and attend the shows I will. I’ve ducked out of a couple of events this evening in favour of going to A+E, health must be considered at some point.  Added to my fashion week attendance I’ve also […]