Collars and Cuffs

With London Fashion week on the imminent horizon, it’s time to plan what to wear for the whirling dervish of shows, presentations and parties. Dressing for Fashion Week is a precarious balancing act – there are a bunch of boxes that need to be ticked: 1) Fashion forward dressing – one can’t been seen to be unaware of the upcoming trends, heaven forfend. 2) Nonchalance – no matter how much effort has been made, it’s essential to appear like no effort has been made at all. 3) Weather appropriateness – rocking up in a beautiful maxi skirt, or a perfectly tailored pair of palazzo pants only for the hemlines to be sodden with grubby rain water won’t do at all. This outfit is a contender for the week ahead, my PVC skirt and […]

D’Albert: First time’s a charm

Earlier this week I went for dinner with a dear friend who is considering starting a fashion business. As we were talking about her options I realised that I’m actually pretty well informed on what it takes to start a business. I’ve never done it myself, however having interviewed lots of new designers and worked in a few start ups, I’ve amassed a fairly considerable back catalogue of knowledge. It was slightly surreal to to be surprised by my own insight; it’s because I had not previously given myself credit for my own business acumen. With that in mind I can confidently say that the next label to sit up and pay attention to is D’Albert. Born in Yorkshire, Julia D’Albert’s debut collection is accomplished, edgy, fun and beautifully tailored – she’s already stocked […]

The stumbling giant

I’m sometimes described by my friends as a giantess, frankly I can see where they’re coming from. I’m five foot nine, which hardly qualifies me as an actual giant, however in heels I’m well over six foot and my floundering clumsiness makes me appear larger than I am. People have to clear a wide path to stay on the periphery of the destruction that I inadvertently cause.  Briefly putting my bumbling incoordination aside, I usually avoid short dresses and skirts because they’re usually cut for a more petit woman and come up to my ribs, but also because I can’t be trusted not to topple over and expose myself. However, this little gem by Finders Keepers from Rtister might just be an exception to my short dress embargo; its asymmetric hem provides a little flattering coverage, but more […]

The long road to maturity with white leather and Rtister

This season there’s a shift towards streamlined, 90’s inspired, clean shapes. These are clothes cut with clinical precision, Alexander Wang, Jason Wu and Rag and Bone (to name but a few) paid tribute to the fastidiously simple clothes of the 90’s. These are looks that require no accessories, flashy adornment – their exquisite tailoring does all the talking.  This trend doesn’t come naturally to me – my instinct is to pile on sequins and gaudy jewels. However, dressing in sleek, uncompromising tailoring is a refreshing palate cleanser after the frivolous gilding of my youth. This coat by Bevza, clutch by Esin Akan and leather top and skirt by D’Albert make me feel grown up and sophisticated, which is pleasing but disconcerting. I often feel like I do a good job of pretending to be a proper […]

May the Force be with you

This silver 70’s vintage jumpsuit is an old favourite of mine, I bought it on Ebay years ago and it’s served me well ever since. Me being me, I usually wear it during the day – I often get funny looks because it’s clearly meant to be worn in the evening, but it bothers me not. This spring/summer metallic’s will be a huge trend, which makes me feel rather smug as I’m already several steps ahead of the game. However, I once made the rookie mistake of pairing this jumpsuit with a braided up do – it was only when I caught a glimpse of myself in a shop window reflection walking down the street that I realised I looked like Princess Leia; a man on the train asked if I was going to […]

Coral Reef

Another quickie post today – normal service will resume tomorrow. This cracker of a dress is 1930’s vintage, the coat is 50’s and the necklace is 70’s – everything is from the amazing Cha Cha Cha.  

Dick Tracy Pyjamas

Due to my extra curricular acting activities, today’s post will be short and sweet. My favourite piece in this all vintage outfit is the butter-soft leather trench coat. All from Cha Cha Cha.  

Attack of the Slasher

The modern career is a multifaceted entity, particularly in the creative arts. Business cards are now etched with multiple job titles – I was once handed one by a mustachioed gentleman in a bar in Hoxton that was emblazoned with ‘Actor/Director/Lion tamer’. I suspect he was aggrandising so that  his card would stand out amongst the random deck of business information that line every networker’s card holder. The most likely scenario is that he was a just common or garden Shoredouche and his claim to lion taming was a pompous attempt at satire. However, he had an impressive thatch of a moustache that a Lion Tamer would be proud of, so who knows? My business card has at least three careers embossed on to it; I’m what has become known as a ‘Slasher’, which means that I have multiple […]

The Duvet Day

The men in my life always provide me with brutally honest opinions. I’ve recently had my hair cut into a long bob and when I stumbled downstairs at 6.30 in the morning with my black rimmed glasses on my husband said – ‘You look like Tina Fey, but you know, in a good way’. The comment wasn’t unfounded, nor did I take it as an insult. My husband isn’t afraid to tell me what he thinks of my fashion choices; he’s never derogatory but he frequently doesn’t actually like what I wear, but he (wisely)  expects me to carry on regardless. Men often aren’t crazy about fashion forward clothes, this is because they are not designed for the benefit of men – they’re for other women to appreciate. If a woman stops me […]

Snake Eyes

I often flirt with poor taste. A more prudent dresser would shy away from 70’s vintage, metallic python print paired with miami vice pastel tailoring. I make no bones about taking  – I don’t think that just because I’m wearing it, somehow I’ve elevated the look to chicness. Metallic snakeskin is metallic snakeskin, it’s never going to be considered good taste. However, I like it, so I don’t care a jot. For years it’s been culturally acceptable to chastise celebrities about their weight and for taking sartorial risks – this is a insidious trend that’s leaked out into social media. At the Golden Globes last night there were some amazing gowns, however there will be a tirade of abuse in gossip magazines that will pick apart the celebrities who stepped out on the […]