The Style Suggestions

People often comment on my style, sometimes with admiration, often derision and occasionally outright alarm. An old lady once stopped me in the street to ask if I was going to a ball, I told her that no, I wasn’t attending a ball – actually a barbecue. She was so befuddled by my answer that she accosted some passers by to ask then if they thought I looked like I dressed for a ball, they agreed with her. The only way to placate the old dear was to change my story and say yes, I was indeed attending a ball, with a six pack of Magners under my arm. True story. My inability to dress appropriately for any given occasion should deter me from dolling out unsolicited style advice, but what I should […]

Rosa the Poser

When I was a young girl I earned the nick-name ‘Rosa the Poser’. My moniker was duly warranted, I created a number of attention grabbing spectacles throughout my school career. These mostly involved shouting, jumping on tables and the occasional covert defacing of school property. However my naughtiness was nothing pioneering or show stopping. I had great admiration for the kids who were responsible for tangible mischief but I was too frightened of possible expulsion to get up to any hardcore skulduggery. My reign of terror was constrained to being a boisterous and posturing irritant rather than full-fledged insurgency. My working life has been a continuum of posing – there’s inherent strutting involved in acting  (although ironically less so when you’ve landed the job). The proliferation of social media has meant that working […]

Grumpy January

January is a foul tempered douche bag of a month. As the glittering lights of December are extinguished and replaced with austere, bleak darkness my mood plummets. Tedious diet regimes, financial economising and well meaning, but ultimately doomed, New Year’s resolutions are accompanied by freezing temperatures and anticlimactic gloom. The emblem of January blues are the drooping and dejected Christmas trees that clutter street corners, stripped of their former finery. In case anyone’s in any doubt, January and I are not friends. I enter the first month of the year with combative vigour and I find that strenuous exercise and wearing bright colours ease me through the bleak midwinter. Fool hardy optimism combined with pathological sartorial obsession leads me to some pretty chilly fashion choices but I care not. Layers of Uniqlo Heattech and sheer […]

Welcoming 2014 with Teatum Jones and Acne

Happy New Year! Usually I avoid the use of exclamation marks in my work – they’re the literary equivalent of laughing at your own joke. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule that cannot be avoided; welcoming the dawn of a new year is one such exception. I’m delighted to bid farewell to 2013 and usher in the next 365 days – there’s some glorious fashion on the horizon and the Spring/Summer collections are particularly lovely. As well as the usual florals, pastels and whites that are standard fare for warmer months, 90’s inspired clean lines that ooze easy going sophistication are calling my name. Dropped waist silhouettes, painterly splashes of colour and re-imagined button down shirts are amongst the most exciting up-coming trends. There are some beautiful clothes to look forward […]

Winter Pastels

Pastels colours have been a  big deal for winter; Carven, Simone Rocha, Celine and Jonathan Saunders (to name but a few) delved into the delights of saccharine shades for A/W13. I’ve always been a fan of sugared almond colours, but in winter I think they’re a refreshing sartorial palate cleanser that shine out against the sea of drab black and grey. The key to keeping pastel shades chic and grownup is to combine them with sophisticated, muted colours and camel works a treat. I’ve layered my old coat from French Connection (similar here) over a 80’s vintage lilac leather bomber jacket and my pink 60’s vintage baby pink fringed dress. A more prudent dresser would stick with a flattering black shoe, but I can’t leave well enough alone so I’ve added my metallic […]

The Witch-ity fingers

There are times as a freelancer when you need a day job. In between acting and writing gigs I spent time working as a dresser in the West End. For anyone who isn’t familiar with a dresser’s duties, it is to ensure that all the relevant costumes are set out at the appropriate times before and during the show and assisting the actors with their changes throughout the performance. Of all the many day jobs I’ve had over the years, dressing was the most fun, yet it was the one at which I was least competent.  The reasons for this are many and varied but can be distilled into one primary factor; I was more interested in causing mischief and mayhem than I was in doing my work. I must point out that […]

The sparkling onion

I have a body that’s custom build to be in Mad Men – small around the waist and bountiful elsewhere. My little waist is handy for vintage shopping, old fashioned tailoring works nicely for my body. Contemporary clothes often look rubbish on me – a typical high street dress is baggy on the waist and clings like a static shower curtain everywhere else. I’m pleased as punch with this lingerie dress from Zara, it fits on the waist without making the rest of my body look like a shrink wrapped joint of pork. To avoid over exposure I’ve layered the Zara dress with my grandma’s sparkly waist coat, a vintage blazer and belt. I’ve slipped into my long leather boots from Kurt Geiger to add further coverage. The trouble with a curvy figure is that […]

Daytime Disco

I love sequins, each and every shimmering disc has my undying affection. I have irrational fixation on the shamelessly gaudy; it’s an obsessive love that has claimed squatting rights in my heart and refuses to be evicted. My love affair with sequins started when I was very little, it was the 80’s and my parents were frequently attending swanky film industry events. Mum had a dazzling collection of evening dresses that locked into my impressionable subconscious. To this day I’m drawn to anything that sparkles and shines like an moth to a flame. I know that I should opt for sensible, reliable and understated clothes that won’t malt a trail of spangles in my wake, but sequins have a vice like grip on my heart; logic or reason does nothing to shake it off. Rather than […]

The Husband Jumper

I’m not ashamed to say that I have an extensive wardrobe – I’m a savvy shopper and get a lot of amazing bargains on Ebay. However, my husband is continually perplexed by the fact that I raid his clothes when I have so much clobber of my own. I have a weakness for flouncy frocks and skirts, but they need to be contrasted with something manly to ground the look. I love the 50’s flair of this high-waisted skirt from Whistles, but when paired with an ultra girly top it can look rather contrived. To keep the look  modern I’ve styled the statement skirt with a chiffon blouse from Topshop (similar here), my husband’s navy sweater (similar here), over the knee boots from Kurt Geiger and a vintage belt. I never wear an outfit […]

Georgia Hardinge: The best designer on the high street

Designer/High Street collaborations have become something of a rite passage for the brands involved. For the designer it’s an acknowledgement that their brand has earned mass appeal that the general public wants to buy into. For the High Street brand  it’s is a way of flexing their fashion muscles, not only displaying the high calibre talent they’ve pulled, but also proving  they have their finger on the zeitgeist’s pulse.  For the shopping public it’s a chance to own clothes by designers whose usual  sky high prices are permanently out of reach. However, oftentimes Designer/High Street collaborations cause a shopping riot that’s not worth the hassle. The recent Isabel Marant for H&M collection sold out in hours and the  store on Kensington High Street had shoppers setting up camping outside the store in freezing temperatures. […]