Skirting Around

It’s very gratifying when my talented friends achieve the success they deserve. I’ve featured Teatum Jones on my blog dozens of times and every season, they go from strength to strength. After winning the Woolmark Prize earlier this year, Catherine and Rob’s career trajectory is on a steep incline. This skirt is from AW16 – my favourite collection so far. It has the classic elegance of Christian Dior’s New Look, combined with the exquisite textiles and modernity that’s associated with Teatum Jones. It’s also one of a kind, which makes me very happy. I’ve styled the skirt with an old blouse from Mango and heels by Whistles (similar here and here).

Forgotten Gems

I’m a little ashamed to admit that I sometimes forget what I have in my wardrobe. I need to have a clear out so that I can see the pieces I already own. I found this Teatum Jones SS15 dress lurking at the back of my closet; I’d forgotten how much I love it. I like the combination of couture details, such as the boning around at the hips, with the easy-going fabric. I’ll be setting up an Etsy shop in the next couple of weeks and there’ll be lots of bargains up for grabs. I’ll keep everyone posted on this blog and on my social media platforms.

Holiday Dress

I’ve loved vintage clothes since I was a teenager, when I rummaged through Camden Market on the hunt for second-hand bargains. I bought this 70s dress from Etsy and I love it, but I’ve hardly ever worn it in London as it feels a bit much for the city. It reminds me of a doll-shaped toilet roll cover that one might have bought in a Spanish souvenir shop, 20 years ago. Not that I mind. It’s rare that I pay attention to dressing appropriately, however I think this frock feels more suited to the Sardinian landscape. Saying that, I’m sure I’ll wear it in London again before the summer is out.    

Sardinian Sea

I’ve just come back from a holiday to Sardinia, during which I gave myself a break from social media and blogging. I’ve always worked in the summer break, but for the first time in years, I managed to turn off my laptop and relax. That being said, I couldn’t resist shooting in such a beautiful location. This dress from The Reformation (similar here) is one of my favourite holiday frocks. I’ve worn it in London, but its breezy charm works best in the Mediterranean.  

Flora and Fauna

I’ve never been into sleek, minimalist chic. I think a paired back look is fabulous on other people, but it’s not me. Perhaps my style will become more grown up with time, but for now I’m into floral prints and ruffles. This dress is from ASOS covers all the bases. The shoes are from, a Spanish company that makes the best espadrilles I’ve ever come across; they’re beautifully made and very comfortable.

Back to Floral

I’ve been meaning to feature this dress for ages. I bought it from ASOS a couple of years ago (similar here), and it has a Reformation vibe that I like. I go through stages of being obsessed with a particular style or print and recently, I’ve been living in long floral frocks. In the past, I’ve gone through periods of only wearing leather mini skirts with over-the-knee boots, anything iridescent or flared scuba fabric skirts. My current look is perhaps a little basic and I’ve definitely lost my edge. However, I think dressing edgy for the sake of it can come across as rather contrived. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with finding a style you feel comfortable in, and sticking with it.  

Wild Thing

I keep telling myself  that I don’t need any more pleated skirts, but I couldn’t resist this one from Lily and Lionel, a brand I’ve recently discovered. The quality of the fabric is lovely and it’s very comfortable; it’s the kind of piece I’ll wear all year round. Animal print is an enduring classic that never goes out of style, which is how I justified spending money on yet another pleated skirt. It may be a flimsy excuse, but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. The cropped top is an old one from Topshop (similar here), the shoes are from Senso and the belt is vintage (similar here).

Charity begins at home

I’ve always loved finding a bargain, but sadly I no longer have the time to go rummaging around Camden and Portobello markets. However, I found this little gem in my local charity shop and it was only £10. There’s no label but it has a Valentino vibe, which I like. It’s a little tight across the bust but for 10 quid, I don’t mind. I’ll wear it with sandal for now, but I’d with tan boots and a maroon jacket in the Autumn.

A Lengthy Process

I like to think that my style is constantly evolving, but there are certain things I stick to, regardless of current trends. Long skirts with nipped in waists are my go-too staples, I hardly ever wear anything above the knee. I used to rock leather mini skirts with over-the-knee boots; my look was a cross between Madonna circa ’83 and Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. It didn’t really suit me, but I didn’t care. As time has progressed, I’ve whittled down my look to a limited number of shapes that I know work for me This skirt from Roksanda (similar here) is one of my favourites, it needs very little embellishment as the colour does all the talking. I’ve styled it with a vintage belt and a top from Whistles (similar here and here) and shoes […]

Saturday Night Fever

I used to go dancing nearly every week, but I haven’t been in ages. I couldn’t resist this little cracker from ASOS, although it screams disco. I’m going to organise a night out on the tiles, just so I can wear this dress. The shoes are from Aldo (similar here and here) and the earrings are from Georgiana Scott.