Red and green should never be seen

There are no new ideas, there are only new ways of making them felt. I’d like to claim this quote as my own, however that particular piece of pithy wisdom belongs to Audre Lorde. I’m sure she meant it to apply to rather more lofty subjects than the repetitive cycles of fashion, nonetheless it’s an elegant way to describe the resurgence of the 1990’s.

I live near to a secondary comprehensive school where the students don’t wear uniforms. The teenage girls dress in pretty much the same way I did when I was their age; Doc Martens, ripped jeans and black bomber jackets slouch their way up and down my street every day. You know you’re knocking on a bit when you see a trend comes full circle – a general rule of thumb is that if you’re old enough to remember a trend when it was first in fashion then you’re too old to wear it again. However, I don’t mind dipping into selective amounts of 90’s nostalgia. This velvet shirt dress was a vintage find on Ebay that has authentic grunge credentials. This cape is an original piece from the 70’s and was once owned by my mother in law. I’m well aware that I look like a Christmas elf, but I don’t care. Jewel colours feel right this time of year and I’m all for mixing up decades and breaking the rules.