Experimental Style

I’m an experimental dresser and most of the time it works out ok. However, once in a while I’ll make a spectacular blunder. I’ll leave the house feeling smug about my original sartorial flare only to catch a glimpse of myself in a shop window to realise that I look like badly wrapped Christmas present. I still think it’s better to make mistakes than to be safe and boring. I like to use clothes in unusual ways, like wearing dresses as tops and playing with proportions. I bought this knitted dress from McQ by McQueen a few years ago, unfortunately it shrank it the wash and now it’s rather short. I wear it as a tunic top and wear it over this pleated, sheer vintage skirt. I’ve styled the look with a faux fur collar from ASOS and super comfortable heels from Sargossa.

IMG_6377 IMG_6428 IMG_6390IMG_6410 IMG_6439IMG_6408IMG_6382