Rosa the Poser

When I was a young girl I earned the nick-name ‘Rosa the Poser’. My moniker was duly warranted, I created a number of attention grabbing spectacles throughout my school career. These mostly involved shouting, jumping on tables and the occasional covert defacing of school property. However my naughtiness was nothing pioneering or show stopping. I had great admiration for the kids who were responsible for tangible mischief but I was too frightened of possible expulsion to get up to any hardcore skulduggery. My reign of terror was constrained to being a boisterous and posturing irritant rather than full-fledged insurgency.

My working life has been a continuum of posing – there’s inherent strutting involved in acting  (although ironically less so when you’ve landed the job). The proliferation of social media has meant that working in magazines and blogging provides yet more potential for mincing around in front of the camera. However, as the years have oozed by I’ve lost my exhibitionist streak and I’m more abashed to overtly posture and preen. When I was first getting this blog together I was advised by my developer not to ‘worry about looking like a dick on the internet’. Truer words of wisdom were never thus spake.

As my career’s progressed I’ve attempted to perfect the art of posing without looking like I’m posing. I’m not always successful in this endeavour, in fact I frequently fail. In order to venture forth unimpeded by mortification,  I’ve come to peace with my online dickery. Today’s post is peppered with obvious posing but I’m shameless and unrepentant. I’ve finally embraced my childhood nickname and all its implications – Rosa the Poser cares not!

In addition to the interminable attitudinising, when working in fashion there’s a delicate balance to strike between being ahead of the trends and looking like a hopeless fashion victim. I attempt to attain sartorial equilibrium by mixing clothes that I’ve had for a long time that work with upcoming trends. This coat is from French Connection and I bought it years ago, it works with nearly everything – a classic coverup is always handy for grounding more frivolous clothes. I bought my ice blue dress from Topshop Unique in September and it’ll still work well in spring when pastels will be everywhere. My scarf was a Christmas present from my husband and is by Weston Scarves from The Dressing Room – a brilliant boutique in St Albans. To add a little art deco charm to a modern look I’ve plumped for a ring bracelet that I picked up from the Zara sale.

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