Run Lola Run

I’ve never been one to take myself too seriously. I think as soon as you’ve lost your sense of humour then you’re done for, you may as well lie down in a ditch and wait for death. I sometimes jump for joy with no cause for celebration, just because I can. Unfortunately I’m more jumping bovine than leaping gazelle, but while I can still jump then I will. My inner child is very much alive and well, which explains my jolly sartorial choices and tendency to lark around for no particular reason.

Life can be a gruelling ordeal with little respite, I think you have to create joy in whatever pocket of glee that the day affords. This is why I dress in the way I do, vibrant clothes make me happy – so I wear them. This vintage dress is an Ebay find, my shoes are from ASOS . My iridescent clutch bag is from Miista , I picked up in their sample sale last week, I was so excited to get my hands on this beauty that I did a little jig. What I lack in cool I make up for in bumbling joie de vivre.