Spring Schadenfreude

There is nothing quite like the delicious schadenfreude of a friend going on holiday to escape England’s blusterous climate, only for the weather to be better here. Ha!

This is exactly what happened over the weekend, my friend returned to England from Spain, chillier and wetter than when he went. Indulging in a little spiteful mirth isn’t my prettiest quality, but I’m at peace with my dark side. I think that when character flaws are recognised it makes them easier to manage. Pretending they’re not there makes personality gremlins dangerous, they’re likely to rear their ugly heads at inopportune moments and cause a ruckus. Once seen and saluted, the dark side is easier to control and fence in. I could list all the not-so-nice things about me that I’m ok with, but I’ll save that catalogue of misdemeanours for another day.

In the meantime I’m revisiting this Teatum Jones dress, but this time paired with nothing but sandals from Miista and a slash of Mac So Chaud lipstick. The balmy weather makes me disproportionally happy, but not quite as happy as someone else’s soggy holiday. (DISCLAIMER: I don’t actually take joy from the misery of others, just my friend’s wet weekends).