Step and Repeat

I’ve been banging on about the 70’s trend for an age and I’m getting bored of myself. However, the look is set to continue way into the fall and I’ve no intention of dispensing with my vintage diaphanous gowns or bell sleeved tops – so I guess I’ll keep writing about the 70’s in perpetuity. I’m attracted to the softness of the decade; wide legged trousers, billowing skirts, generous lapels and sumptuous fabrics classic, visceral appeal. It’s a welcome counter-balance to brutal, clean lined modernity. This dress is from the ecologically sound brand Reformation,, do an excellent range of 70’s inspired clothes. These boots are from Topshop; I’m always looking for amazing thigh high boots and I’m rather pleased with these tan lovelies. The shawl is an Ebay find and is very useful for throwing over a flowing 70’s look.