Street Life

When I started going to London Fashion Week, I dressed for the benefit of the street style photographers who swarmed around Somerset House. Sometimes my look would get a lot of attention, which gave me a fleeting feeling of validation. But it was a bogus compliment because later the same day, I’d rock up at a different show in the same outfit and the LFW paps ignored me. When I go to fashion week now, I dress for myself and I don’t worry about the endorsement of a bunch of strangers. Sometimes they take my picture, sometimes they don’t. Either way is fine by me.

On a side note, I think the street style photographers have a harder time getting their shots, since Fashion Week HQ is in the Brewer Street car park in Soho. The junction between Lexington, Brewer and Great Windmill Street is rammed with people queuing up to get into the shows, it’s difficult to see who’s wearing what.

I’ve realised that my LFW look is how I would like to dress every day, if I didn’t have to consider the practicality of getting on the tube, negotiating London’s soggy weather or being absurdly overdressed. This is an outfit I wore to LFW and I felt really comfortable it it. All of the pieces are old and it’s not particularly trendy or ground breaking, but I don’t care one bit.

I bought this jacket from Ted Baker years ago (similar here), the scarf is by Weston, the dress is by Teatum Jones and the bag is from MIISTA (similar here).


  • john

    I imagine next year they’ll catch uo with you -nice vivid colours -handbags a fascinating colour