Teenage Angst

When I was younger, I had a rather different figure to the one I have now. I was very curvy with a generous bust. The change in my body seemed to happen over night. When I look back on pictures from my teens, it’s clear that I wasn’t used to this new version of myself. I felt like a whale a lot of the time; I was a size 14-16, which may be big compared to a runway model, but is fairly average amongst the general populace. For my 18th birthday I went shopping with my mum to find an outfit. We traipsed up and down Oxford Street for hours, but we couldn’t find a single thing that fit. Eventually we came across something that not only covered my curves, but looked pretty good. However, the experience was deflating to say the least.

As time wore on, the weight dropped off to reveal the body I have now. I still have pangs of insecurity, but I’m more equipped to deal with it. I’m comfortable in my skin but I tend to avoid very tight, body-con clothes, because I don’t feeling that I’m on display. This knitted dress from Warehouse is more curve revealing than my usual fair, but I like the flared skirt and waist defining tailoring.


  • john

    whatever you’re at home with now -most people aren’t tall and thin like runway models -not really the ideal -too thin -I’m glad french are setting setting rules for that-should feature more diversty as people are just that.