The Bargain Hunter

People often ask me how I manage to track down good vintage clothes on Ebay; the truth is that I waste a lot of time browsing the web looking for bargains. I really should spend my time on more worthy pursuits, like reading or educating myself and expanding my horizons. However, the fruits of my procrastination are often cheap, bright and exciting. The key to finding what you want amongst the multitudinous dross, is to be very specific in your search criteria. If you type ‘vintage dress’ you’ll be engulfed by a landslide of tatty trash. I stumbled upon this little gem by typing ‘vintage 70’s maxi dress, size 8’. It was £18, it’s in perfect condition and is light and comfortable. The modern version of this on the high street would cost upwards of £50.

I would always encourage buying vintage; it’s more ethical, ecological and individual. There are brilliant vintage shops and fares through out the UK which are worth a visit. But Ebay and Etse are great if you don’t have the time to go to hunting and you want to have a casual browse from the comfort of your living room.

I’ve styled the dress with primrose yellow platforms by Joanne Stoker.

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