The Cat in the Hat

My outfits often border on costume drama and this is no exception. I’m well aware that I look like I’m off to a fancy dress party, but I care not. The 70s’ are having a moment this season and this look is inspired by Kate Bush and Stevie Nicks. I love the drama and floating elegance of the era and this vintage dress has bohemian the charm that I love. If I’m not careful, it can go a little bit house on the prairie, but black accessories keep it grounded.

This massive hat is a new find from Topshop. It’s rather witchy, a quality that might put a lot of people off. However my raucous cackle, vampiric skin and bony fingers fit snugly into the Witch archetype. There’s no point in trying to fight one’s natural inclinations, if the hat fits then wear it I say!

Overall this look is a slash between Kate Bush, a Witch and a Lady Pirate – the boots definitely have a Blackbeard vibe. It’s tempting to tuck a flamboyant feather into the rim to up the swashbuckling fun – however I fear I’d get over excited and start behaving like an actual pirate. I think rampaging around Muswell Hill, pirating and causing mayhem might be frowned upon.