The Perfect Hat

For many years I have been on the lookout for the perfect summer hat. I don’t have time for a floppy brimmed disaster that will obscure my vision and get on my nerves. I want it to maintain a firm shape whilst having a lightness suitable for the warmer months. I’ve tried men’s panama hats, but I frequently veered into ‘Man from Del Monte’ territory.

I picked up this guy in Fenwicks – a store that I only go in with my Mum. I didn’t expect to find such a corker, but it was everything I’ve ever looked for in a summer hat. It’s wide brim protected my spectral complexion and the manly tailoring had something of Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal. It was woven out of paper which made it super comfortable and feather light. It also added a little boyish edge to flimsy summer frocks. So far, so good.

Alas, the moment that we finished shooting this outfit a gust of wind whipped the perfect hat off my head and into the pool. I scooped up the sodden mess and attempted to save it. However, rather than regaining it’s shape, it dried like a wet nappy. And so ends the sad tale of the perfect summer hat.

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