Wedding Crashers

Dressing for a wedding is a tricky balancing act. I’m all for dressing to make an impact, however it’s always essential that thunder is not stolen from the happy couple. Appearing to upstage the bride is a sartorial shame fest, but nonetheless it’s important to make the appropriate effort. To rock up looking scruffy and unkempt is to fail to show deference to the couple’s special day. I bought this dress by Halston Heritage from The Outnet to wear to my friend’s wedding where I’m to be a bridesmaid. My friend asked that all the bridal party wear navy, but other than that we have free rein as to what we choose. I went for this pleated number as I think it’s special enough whilst still being modest. I picked up a velvet vintage duster from Etsy to wear with the look. On the day I’ll probably wear some statement jewellery and gold heels. It’s not an especially edgy look, but sometimes wedding’s aren’t the place to flex sartorial muscles. I think this is a perfect good-guest dress.

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