White Pearl

I wear pleated skirts like other people wear jeans. It’s perhaps a little impractical, but I feel good in a skirt. I think it’s important to wear things that make you feel comfortable, regardless of what other people consider appropriate. This guy is from Topshop, and has a slight pearlescent sheen that should be tacky – and perhaps it is. But I love it and I’ve never concerned myself with traditional notions of good taste. If you like something, and it makes you feel good, then wear it without fear of rebuke or reproach – life is too short to worry about the trifling opinions of others.

My shirt is from ASOS (similar here), sunglasses are by Tom Ford (similar here) and shoes are from Castañer.



  • Sam

    I just made an account to say how beautiful your outfits are! You have such a classic taste, I love it. I also love pleated skirts so much but always have a bit of trepidation wearing them regularly. Your outfit on BBC Breakfast this morning however convinced me to try them out more often! Could you make a post about what you wore on the show? I loved how elegant and confident you looked! Take care x