Dark Ages

I went to bed last night hoping to wake up to a world with Hillary Clinton as president. The news that the US has chosen a homophobic, racist, sexist, megalomaniacal, demagogue is calamitous, but not surprising. Post Brexit, it’s clear we are living in a dark age when the worst of human nature is in charge.  Today’s politicians appeal to fear and prejudice, inciting braying intolerance and zealous nationalism. The US and the UK are hideous mirror images of one another. Trump has proclaimed global warming a hoax, perpetuated by China, and has promised to dismiss the Paris Agreement, which could devastate our already beleaguered environment. He’s also implied that the US should only offer military support to NATO members who have met their financial obligations. Under the NATO agreement, all member states should allocate 2% of their GDP to defence. The US is one of […]

No-go Logos

I went to a school with no uniform, one might have thought that this would have cultivated sartorial creativity, but we all wore more or less the same thing. It was the late 90s/early 00s, and logos were king. Levis jeans, Nike trainers and sweatshirts emblazoned with Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein were highly sought after. Although only the kids from the wealthiest families could afford to wear them. I spent my teenage years feeling like I should conform, but I knew that crass logos were not for me. I found my look when I discovered vintage and I spent many a happy hour rummaging around Camden and Portobello markets. The cool kids thought my enthusiasm for old clothes was weird, but I didn’t care. I never wanted to fit in with them anyway. I’ve been looking for a vintage […]

Big Cats

Leopard print is an enduring classic which is always in style. However, there are some seasons when animal print is more in vogue, and this fall it’s everywhere. I love a bit of leopard, but it can easily look a little Bet Lynch – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. As Diana Vreeland once said, too much good taste can be boring. I like to wear it with simple accessories and minimal makeup – just a slash of kitten-flick eyeliner. But I also like it when leopard is mixed with other clashing prints, or bright jewel colours.  

Eternal Classics

I’m not usually one for investing in classic pieces, I can’t resist the lure of the new and flamboyant. However, I bought this coat from French Connection (similar here) six years ago and I dig it out every Autumn. I’ve worn it with a ribbed roll neck by Teatum Jones, boots from Carvella and a skirt by Lily and Lionel.

2016: Annus Horribilis?

2016 isn’t over yet and it has already been a tumultuous and frightening year. The world of European and American of politics have been dominated by Brexit and the US elections. Donald Trump’s performances in the Presidential Debates were inept and petulant. His claim that the election is being rigged by the media is the snivelling cry of a spoilt brat. The suggestion that if he is to lose, he’ll refuse to accept the result, shows his profound lack of respect for the democratic process. The sexual assault claims suggest that Trump may have been hoisted by his own, misogynistic, sticky fingered petard. However, it’s not over until it’s over and he still could get in. Over the last few months, the fires of discrimination and xenophobia have been stoked by Trump and Nigel Farage. Some of Trump’s supporters, and UK citizens who voted to leave the EU, […]

Velvet Underground

Years ago, I saw a beautiful 1930s vintage, midnight blue velvet dress on Ebay. I lost the ensuing bidding war, much to my disappointment. Since then, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect velvet dress, and at last I’ve found it. This frock by Katya Dobryakova is from The Place London, a brilliant boutique on Connaught Street. I love the classic Stevie Nicks vibe, and the sumptuous fabric is very comfortable. I’ve styled the look with a vintage belt and an old pair of boots from Topshop (similar here and here). The Place London is my favourite new shop, I’ll be writing more about this later in the week.

Wishy Washy

I like to make recommendations on this blog, and I would have happily endorsed this dress from Topshop. However, it shrank in the washing machine; the instructions said to wash at 40°C, I washed it at 30°C. This was a shame, as I loved the ruffles and the gold thread running through the fabric. The folks at Topshop refunded my money without question and apologised for the inconvenience. The dress is featured in their AW16 campaign and it’s already sold out. To anyone who owns this frock, I suggest hand-washing in tepid water with a delicate detergent.

Words with Friends

I recently went out for dinner with a group of friends, we had a brilliant night and I laughed till I cried. However, during a light-hearted conversation, the word ‘slut’ was bandied around. I was among people who are used to my outspoken tendencies, and they didn’t bat an eye when I protested that using ‘slut’ to describe a sexually active woman was unacceptable. Even if I’d been in less forgiving company, I would have piped up anyway, because I have come to understand the intense importance of words. The words we use shape our attitude to the world around us. The desperate souls fleeing death and persecution in the Middle East and North Africa are now called ‘migrants’, instead of the more accurate term, ‘refugees’. The vast difference between a refugee and a migrant is […]

Ekaterina Kukhareva SS17: Nereids

Ethereal lightness and sports-luxe aren’t adjectives that often sit together, however Ekaterina Kukhareva’s latest collection married the two aesthetics to a lovely effect. The presentation was set against the art deco background of the Bronte Restaurant, which reminded me of a 1930s cruise liner. Entitled ‘Nereids’, after Greek mythological sea nymphs, Kukhareva’s delicate ruffles suggested undulating coral and drifting jelly fish. The pastel colour palette was punctuated with olive green and splashes of squid-ink black, which added balance to the sugary prettiness.  The tailoring was slouchy and relaxed; whether it was the luxe pyjamas or the full length gowns, the collection had all the breezy whimsy of a sunny day by the seaside. The sea will be a huge trend come spring next year, and many designers made oceanic references in their collections. However, Ekaterina’s spin on the trend was unique to her elaborate, yet wearable look.  

Happy Feet

I’ve always been fond of a good boot, this season there’s a plethora of great ones to choose from. The jazzy ankle boot is a huge trend for AW16 and it’s a simple way to update a classic outfit. My personal favourite are the opulent, floral brocade beauties that are abundant right now. Feature image: TheNewPotato.com