Changing Spots

In recent years I’ve become less bothered about trends; I know what suits me and I stick to it. If my look happens to be fashionable, then fine, but I certainly don’t bend my style around a flippant, passing trend. That being said, leopard print is a key look this season, but it’s also is a perennial classic that I’ve loved for years. I’m rather fond of this top by Y.A.S, although my husband thinks it looks like part of a Cirque du Soleil costume. I see what he’s saying, but I like it and that’s what counts. I’ve styled it with an old skirt from Zara (similar here) and even older boots from Carvela (similar here).    

Getting Lippy

Right now, I’m in the mood for red lipstick; not the bright coral-red I’d wear in the summer, but deep, berry hues that feel right for Autumn. I’ve been wearing a lot of Cruella by Nars and Red Volution by Bourjois. I often fit my outfit around my makeup, which sometimes leaves me over made-up and over dressed. I find applying makeup therapeutic but I sometimes get a little carried away, resulting in me showing up late with a full face, when a little tinted moisturiser and a slick of mascara will do. This dress from Zara seemed to compliment the lipstick, I’ve worn it with a pair of boots I bought last year from Kurt Geiger (similar here).

The Key of Life

I was gutted when Prince died, not quite as sad as I was when David Bowie passed away, but still. Good music embeds itself in the soul and becomes an essential part of life’s journey. It has the power to to heal a broken heart and celebrate the good times. It’s as though the musician is singing directly to you, beaming straight into your emotional life. When the person who provided the music dies, you feel as though you’ve lost a friend. From Purple Rain to Kiss, Prince was the soundtrack of my teens and twenties. I bought this blouse in Dawn O’Porter’s brilliant vintage boutique, BOB. The colour and ruffles scream Prince, which pleases me greatly. It’s impossible to rock this little beauty without a spring in my step; I wore it out the other day with I Wanna be Your Lover cranked up high on my […]

Golden Girls

I often like to dress like an old lady; pussy bows, long sleeved vintage dresses and demure skirts in loud colours are right up my street. I think that when I hit my golden years, my style will really come into its own. I love the brazen flamboyance of style mavens like Iris Apfel, and the other venerable birds of paradise featured on Advanced Style, which is one of my favourite blogs. The influence of Alessandro Michelle at Gucci means that Granny Chic is having a bit of a moment, but I’ll be wearing this look long after the trend dissipates. I bought the blouse from Reformation last year (similar here), the skirt is 50s vintage from Etsy, and my shoes are by Joanne Stoker.

Early Autumn

Despite its slow start, this summer has been rather glorious. However, when the temperature goes above 28°C in London, the heat becomes uncomfortable; you feel simultaneously sticky and dusty. I shouldn’t complain about the weather, given that we get so little sunshine. But I can’t help looking forward to the new season, even though we’re likely to have a few more weeks of lovely warmth. This dress from Zara (similar here) is a good transitional piece as it’s light enough to wear now, but has a few nods to AW16. The shoes are old, also from Zara – similar here and here. My sunglasses are by Versace.

Burkini Beach

People often comment on the clothes I wear, but I don’t mind what people think of my look. I know my style is somewhat attention grabbing, so I expect comments (positive or negative) as a par for the course. Living in a Western, cosmopolitan city like London, insures that how I choose to dress or the contents of my uterus is my own business. I’ve never been pregnant or had an abortion, but if I choose to do so, I can expect my decisions to be respected. But more of that later. There are other parts of the Western world, where values of tolerance and equality are supposedly held in high esteem, however women’s right to choose is being called into question. The absurd outlawing of burkinis in France is an example of how women’s choices have become a political and ideological battle […]

Sick Note

I’ve recently suffered a very nasty kidney infection. I’ll spare you the details, but I’ve been feeling wretched since Saturday and in no condition to blog. Normal service will hopefully resume by the end of the week.

I capture the castle

There are certain looks that I revisit time and time again and the 70s frock has become a stalwart in my wardrobe. I think the 70s was the last decade of truly beautiful clothes. The 80s was brash and sometimes interesting, but not beautiful. 90s grunge was cool, while the 00s was horrid. It was the decade of overly straightened hair, bejewelled denim and sparkly butterfly-shaped crop tops. To top if off, everyone was covered in a thick layer of orange fake tan. Britney Spears has a lot to answer for. My eternal style icons are Stevie Nicks and Kate Bush. I like to imagine myself wafting around a castle carpeted with dry ice, a chorus of backing singers chronicling the narrative of my tragic love story… Of course, if my fantasy were to become a reality, […]

Skirting Around

It’s very gratifying when my talented friends achieve the success they deserve. I’ve featured Teatum Jones on my blog dozens of times and every season, they go from strength to strength. After winning the Woolmark Prize earlier this year, Catherine and Rob’s career trajectory is on a steep incline. This skirt is from AW16 – my favourite collection so far. It has the classic elegance of Christian Dior’s New Look, combined with the exquisite textiles and modernity that’s associated with Teatum Jones. It’s also one of a kind, which makes me very happy. I’ve styled the skirt with an old blouse from Mango and heels by Whistles (similar here and here).

The Promise

I haven’t written anything personal for a while, but what I have to say might be useful. It’s been over two years since my Dad died. I’ve noticed that I’ve entered a new stage in the grieving process and I’m starting to recover. I think of grief more as a journey than a ‘process’; it’s a meandering and sometimes perilous path, with no short cut. I don’t think you can ‘move on’ from the death of a loved one. Moving on is applicable to the breakup of a relationship or the loss of a job. Death is something you learn to live with and, eventually, accept. As the jagged edges of grief become blunted, the sadness is replaced by happy memories. Even during those last days in hospital, I remember how he looked up at me, […]

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