Concrete Jungle: Chanel Couture Fall 2014

The Chanel shows are usually the most flamboyant of the season. Planting a forest or shipping in an iceberg have become standard fare for Karl Lagerfeld’s fashion pageants. This time round the set was starkly minimal, with only a fireplace and baroque mirror to break the visual austerity. The collection was influenced by the architect Le Corbusier, whose Parisian apartment had a blank terrace decorated with an ornate fireplace. Corbusier was partly responsible for the proliferation of the use of concrete in modern buildings. This combination of baroque opulence and brutal severity was married by the use of concrete beads on luxe fabric and couture tailoring. Lagerfeld created mosaic embellishments using tiny squares of concrete.  The styling was fairly classic Chanel fair, apart from the use of jazzy cycling shorts poking out of the neat skirts and jackets. The show climaxed with 7 month pregnant Kiwi model Ashleigh Good, serenely gliding down the runway like a beautiful easter egg. She wore a majestic white and gold gown complete with an exquisitely embroidered train. 

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