Gucci SS15: The Age of Aquarius

The Milan Fashion Week runways have been awash with references to the 70’s; from Alberta Ferretti to Prada to Emilio Pucci, it seems that a rebirth of the Age of Aquarius has dawned in Milan. This is good news as far as I’m concerned – the 70’s is one of my favourite eras and I’ve already got a wardrobe full of original vintage frocks from the era. However, this new incarnation of hippy-chic is perilously close to the naff and generally regrettable Boho phase of the mid 00’s. Heaven forfend against a revival of that contrived and over-wrought phase in fashion history.

The Gucci show was heartening in it’s interpretation of the look. There were touches of Ali McGraw’s good girl chic, combined with Jimi Hendrix inspired marching band jackets with elaborate prints. The burnt oranges, deep maroons and bottle greens are lovely and a fresh choice for summer. Some of the strongest looks were the deep red dresses combined with tonally matching suede boots.The use of denim added a pleasing shot of structure and the supersized lace details combined with broderie anglaise lace maintained high levels of feminine charm. This is a look that is easily accessible – the 70’s will be all over the high street come spring. However, it’s not always so easy to pull off. Keeping the lines relatively clean and adding some masculine touches ground the trend – a structured jacket here, a chic a-line skirt there will be ensure the look is chic and not a return to the ghastly days of ‘boho chic’.

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