Judy Wu SS16: Ode to the Power Woman

There are some designers who’ve been on my radar from the beginning of their careers. I’ve been a fan of Judy Wu since I saw her first line, hanging in the showroom of a PR firm I was working with back in 2013. Since then, Judy has gone from strength to strength with each collection becoming more assured than the last. Named after the Greek goddess Gaia, Wu’s SS16 offering was an ode to feminine strength and Mother Earth herself. Sports luxe details were coalesced with undulating pleats and vibrant prints. The faux sweatshirts tied around the waist added to the sense of movement and physical fitness. There were flashes of rose gold and silver that injected nonchalant glitz and contrasting texture. Wu interrogated easy going fluidity, which is a new direction as much of her previous work has been a lesson in tailoring.

These are clothes for powerful women who know that femininity and strength are inextricably linked. I can’t wait to see what Judy Wu will do next.

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