Pieces of Kate

The new Kate Moss for Topshop collection hits the stores later this month. If the past is any indication of the future, the collection will sell out in a matter of moments. I like Kate’s easy going vintage rock vibe, but I’ve never bought anything from her previous Topshop offerings. The new collection promises to be a good one – the fringed suede jackets and dramatic maxi dresses are right up my street.

Kate is a curious creature – she has an enduring appeal that doesn’t fade or tarnish with age. If anything, she’s more influential now than she ever was. Moss’s etherial mix of otherworldly beauty and casual sexiness is a lucrative genie that’s been bottled and sold many times over. The world is forever hungry for a little piece of Kate. The catch is that no matter how many bits of the Kate Moss brand we consume, we’re no closer to being her. Celebrity branding is troubling because it leads us to believe that buying into a product, supposedly created by a star’s fair hand, we will somehow become more like the celebrity in question. Of course it doesn’t work, so we go out and buy more all over again.

I’m in no position to pontificate about the woes of over spending, I frequently buy my way out of sadness (temporarily of course). However, when perusing the Kate Moss collection it’s important to see it for what it is – a good High Street collection, no more; no less.