Mrs Joe Bloggs: Peter Pilotto on a normal body

Today’s post will be short and sweet due to the fact that I’m buzzing off to a bunch of meetings and rushing around town like I’m terribly important. Make no mistake, I have zero illusions of grandeur, but being busy certainly imbues one with a false sense of gravitas.

One of the ways in which I believe fashion bloggers can be useful is by showing how trends look on a normal person’s body. Of course, models look phenomenal in the latest outr√© fashion, however on Mrs Joe Blogs the same looks can be less fetching. Designers don’t always create clothes to work for the average woman – rather to satisfy their creativity – which is fine in my book. I’ll discuss the supposed disparity between fashion and ‘real life’ another day when I have more time.

The Peter Pilotto collection for Target, which sold out in a matter of days, was actually relatively wearable for a non-model’s body. I chose this skirt and top combo partly because it wasn’t one of the less publicised pieces and therefore doesn’t stand out as immediately recognisable, but also for it’s figure flattering qualities. The black panels on the skirt are slimming on my rather generous hips and the zig-zag pattern on the top draws the eye upwards, away from my lower half, and balances my figure.

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