Pretty Earrings

I used to include at least one ugly item in any outfit; I felt that the addition of a clunky shoe or a piece of jewellery worthy of Mr T would make me look edgy. These days, however, I can’t resist the charms of the traditionally pretty. As a result I’m less vanguard and I don’t mind a bit. The jewellery I’m interested in now is unreservedly beautiful and of a distinctly bohemian persuasion. Georgiana Scott does a wonderful line of statement chandelier earrings that are light as air. I’m also very taken with Alexis Bittar, whose contemporary spin on old school elegance is right up my street. I like to wear dangly earrings in the day with a plain t-shirt and minimal makeup, or in the evening with a floaty frock and a slash of bright lipstick.

Wardrobe Re-Boot

Around this time of year phrases like ‘trans-seasonal’ and ‘pre-fall’ are bandied around with gay abandon. I’m just as guilty as any editor or fashion journalist of using terminology that plays fast and lose with the English language. As dubious as fashion speak can appear, it describes pieces that provide an instant update and will still work when winter hits. The most useful wardrobe refresher is the humble blouse, preferably adorned with embroidery, ruffles and pussy bows. If that seems a little too ‘Miss Havisham’, there are plenty of paired back versions available. I like how versatile a blouse can be; great for work when styled with a tailored jacket and pants, lovely on the weekend with jeans or on a warm day with a flowing skirt or denim cut offs.   Clockwise for top left: Vilshenko, Topshop, Etro, Glamorous, Chloe, Oasis.   […]

Early Adopters

The summer sales are still rumbling on, but I for one am bored of SS15; it’s time to look ahead to Autumn. This isn’t to say that I haven’t snapped up a couple of bargains, but I’ve chosen things that will work next season. If you live in a squally city like London, it’s sensible to buy clothes that work all year round. The Pre-Fall and Cruise collections are often as eagerly anticipated as the main event. Pre-fall tends to be more wearable and doesn’t date. This season, classic shapes with a 70’s twist are everywhere.  It’s a more grown up, polished incarnation of summer’s boho. Wear the look now with sandals and bare legs, boots and tights when the mercury drops. Clockwise from top left: blazer by Topshop, coat by Harris Wharf London, dress by Whistles, top by […]

The most annoying shoes in the world

The other day I found myself in Zara on Oxford street and I decided to try on a pair of knee high gladiator sandals. Gladiators are one of the key shoe trends this season; they were all over the Chloé, Valentino, Isabel Marant and Stella McCartney collections. Gladiators sandals have been knocking around, in some form or other, every summer for the past decade. However, this season’s glad has grown tall and its straps have snaked all the way up to the knee. This is a challenging look and I wasn’t convinced that it would suit me – I feared my muscly calves would look like two joints of pork, trussed up and ready for the oven. Not a good look. However, I’m always receptive to new things so I’d gave the them a try. It soon became clear that […]

New Classics

For a few seasons chunky, somewhat ugly sandals have been trending; thick straps and even soles thicker were everywhere. The trend for heavy-set sandals is still going strong, however this summer there is a shift back to more classic footwear in the form of gladiator sandals, clogs and espadrilles. Whilst I’ve enjoyed the foot-cushioning charms of a fugly sandal, the timeless charm of espadrilles is refreshing. Originating from 14th century Spain, you can’t get more classic than the humble espadrille. Their roughhewn quality speaks of carefree, summer days in continental Europe. However, the massive breadth of colours, prints and shapes means espadrilles can work anywhere. Heavy-weight designer brands including Gucci, Valentino and Dolce + Gabbana have brought out their version of the summer staple. They’re also all over the high street, making the trend accessible to all. I’ll be wearing mine […]

Birthday Horrors

Today is my birthday, a date I share with Christopher Lee and Vincent Price. I’ve always been partial to the Gothic and macabre. I love horror movies and classic gothic literature, Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein, Bram Stoker’s Dracula and anything by Edgar Allan Poe. Sharing my date of birth with two Hammer Horror legends is pretty cool. I like to indulge in my dark side with romantic black chiffon, lace and velvet. This season’s romantic boho trend looks great in shadowy tones with touches of gold.  


Fashion can be divisive between men and women. There’s stuff in my wardrobe that I love, but the men in my life are not so keen on. The fashion-forward, flamboyant clothes often earn dubious glances from my male friends, one of whom frequently likens my look to a ‘Badly wrapped Christmas present’.  My husband sometimes looks askance at my outfits, but he knows not to waste his breath on criticism. Once in a while I’ll go a bit far, he’ll tell me so and I’ll pare it back. But such occasions are few and far between. There are certain items that women tend to like and men often hate; chunky heels or wedges are prime man-repelling accessories. One of the hottest shoe trends this season are 70’s inspired clogs, they look great with flared trousers or floaty chiffon. Don’t expect the men […]

The Tropic of Cancer

Summer in London is spluttering to a start with one day of glorious sunshine, then then another of driving rain. When the weather is wet and windy, swimwear shopping seems counterintuitive. However, it’s worth getting in early before all the good stuff is snapped up. This year I’m into bright, tropical inspired bikinis and one-pieces. However, there’s a huge selection on offer. I also like feminine florals and navy, nautical stripes. Feature image

Summer coats for a chilly spring

Occasionally I experience bouts of extreme crankiness; I’ll stomp around in a dark, irascible cloud, grumpily huffing and puffing my way through the day. I usually snap out of it pretty swiftly and return to my usual, cheerful disposition. Over the past week or so the weather in London has been glorious; clear blue skies and splendid sunshine. However it’s still chilly and I’m struggling to dress in accordance with the climate. Being too hot or too cold provokes a fit of the grumps; which is no fun for me and especially taxing for the poor souls who have to put up with it. I’m all about 70’s vintage right now, but floaty skirts and flimsy peasant blouses are tricky to layer. The answer lies in a summer coat that can be slung over a light outfit and […]

Beyond the Fringe

During my gap year – longer ago than I care to remember – I went to Thailand. Needless to say, I hung out on the pristine white beaches, swam in the aquamarine ocean and drank cocktails served in small plastic buckets. Before heading home I scoured the markets in Bangkok looking for bohemian gems. At the time, a rendition of Boho was in full swing and I was on the hunt for anything adorned with suede fringe. I found a tan bucket bag with a long swishy mane, which I carted around with me until it fell apart. Now the bohemian vibe is back on the scene, I’ve fallen in love all over again. The floating free spirit is a classic look and re-emerges in some form every few years. Suede fringe is a solid investment as the […]