Mum’s the Word

With Mother’s day coming up this Sunday, I’ve been thinking a lot about my Mum. I don’t think it’s possible to be best friends with one’s parents, it seems like a violation of appropriate boundaries. However, I couldn’t be closer to her. Losing my beloved Dad would have been heartbreaking no matter what, but the bond that my Mother and I share has made the grieving process exponentially easier. Mother’s day is the chance to spoil her with indulgent gifts she’d never usually buy for herself, by way of saying thank you. Feature image courtesy of  

Writer’s Boots

At the moment I am up to my eyes in work; I’m writing a book which is taking up most of my time and energy but I’m determined to keep my blog rumbling along. This being said, I realised that this is my third shopping post this week. Whilst showcasing my favourite things to buy is all fun and good, it’s not what I set out to do here. Hopefully, normal service will resume in the next few weeks. I’m really looking forward to completing the book, anyone who thinks writing involves sitting at a desk, happily tapping away at a keyboard is sorely mistaken. It’s a laborious slog. To quote Ernest Hemingway ‘There’s nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.’ However, I’ve no right to complain; I’m very fortunate to have […]

Dressed up in Denim

Jeans are generally considered to be the cornerstone of any sensible person’s wardrobe. I’ve always had a problem with jeans because I don’t think they flatter my body. I inherited many wonderful things from my beloved Dad, however his muscular, stumpy legs are an unwelcome genetic legacy. The perennial presence of skinny jeans I’ve felt has meant I’ve felt ostracised from the world of denim – drain pipes don’t look good wrapped around muscular quadriceps. However, this season denim has been re-interpreted into many different formats. I’m particularly enamoured with the denim pinafore dress from Whistles.  

The Reformation

I sometimes struggle with my own materialism. It will come as no surprise that I love clothes and fashion, however my eyes are open to the evils of the industry. The exploitation of workers in developing countries, the environmental damage caused by the textile industry and the negative emotional message that fashion promotes on a day to day basis make me uncomfortable. The acquisition of material goods does not equal happiness. One might argue needless possessions equals dissatisfaction and anxiety; we’re forever searching for significance and contentment in the meaningless and trivial. But nonetheless, I adore and crave fashion. The creativity, the innovation and the stories behind new collections or vintage clothes continually intrigue me. I find the history of fashion and analyzing how of sociopolitical events influenced trends fascinating. I suppose I’m trying to find a middle ground where I […]

Snowy Spring

It may seem incongruous to talk about trans-seasonal dressing when the weather forecast is predicting Snowmageddon, but layers are the key to all meteorological challenges. A leather or faux fur gilet is very handy for adding an extra layer of of warmth to an outfit, when spring finally hits, it can be worn with bare arms. I’m particularly fond of this leather guy from Whistles. A trench is always a classic buy which works all year round.  


In recent years the fashion industry has changed how it divides seasons; it’s no longer as simple as Spring Summer, Autumn Winter. The Pre-Fall and Resort collections combined with the power of online retailers like Net-a-Porter, Matches and ASOS have resulted in one mangled, year long season.  Fashion no longer belongs to Paris, London, Milan and New York. People the world over have access the latest fashion, regardless of their local climate conditions. In order to meet this global demand, designers are creating collections that cater for customers for whom the meteorological conditions of the northern hemisphere do not apply.  The upshot of the season-blend is that it’s possible to be ahead of the game, no matter the weather. From Hermes to Prada, Louis Vuitton to Carven, the summer collections were peppered with leather. This trend is particularly […]

Self Discovery

I waste a colossal amount of time browsing the internet for new fashion brands. When I find one I like, I’ll obsess over every collection and spend precious time pouring over each piece, analysing details with a fine toothed comb. I know it’s quite sad and I should be focusing my energy on more fruitful endeavors. However, Self Portrait is a brand that I can’t tear my eyes away from. I’ve been banging on about Self Portrait since its first collection; the heady mix of feminine charm with edgy details fan the flames of my infatuation. I’m particularly enamoured with the lace dresses with generous, full skirts from the SS15 collection.

Rosa’s Christmas Gift guide

I’ve always preferred giving gifts to receiving them, the look on a loved one’s face when they open the perfect present is priceless. I don’t always get it right, I’ve made a few mistakes in my time. The key is to give things that they would love but are unlikely to buy themselves. I’ve put together a little gift guide, it’s rather girly but women are easier to buy for and their presents are more fun.    

Festive Cheer

Christmas is a funny old time. Most years, I love the festive season but force-fed joviality is a bitter pill to swallow if you’re not in the mood. 2014 has been difficult – there are no words to describe how hard it is to come to terms with the loss of my beloved Dad. Grief is a curious beast and people respond to it in surprising ways. There are friends who I thought would stand by me no matter what, who have turned their backs, leaving our friendship in tatters. I don’t blame them for it; sometimes the pain of another is too reminiscent of one’s own struggle and backing off is the only option. It’s a crying shame, but I have no choice but take a leaf out of  Dad’s book, say ‘fuck ’em’ and move on. This little tale may seem incongruous […]

Double Trouble

  The hottest trend for jewellery over the past few seasons has been the double sided earring. The look stems from wearing a belly button stud through the ear, thus half of the jewel dangles from the back of the lobe. I don’t know whose bright idea that was but it’s engendered a new look, which can only be a good thing. I also like the ear cuffs that have been knocking around recently which have a pleasing, punky vibe. The big spender is the Dior Triabale pearl studs which cost around £300 – £400 a pop. I love these beauties by Dior, but I can’t justify spending that kind of cash of a trendy item that will probably fall out of favour in the not too distant future. There are other less recognisable versions […]