Man up

There’s a common misconception about the fashion industry, it’s often viewed as a dictatorship that we all should slavishly follow – I would emphatically argue that this is not the case. Fashion is there to provide inspiration about how the express ourselves through our clothes, trends are not a tyrannical set of rules that must be abided by on pain of social exclusion. In fact doltishly following trends doesn’t equate to great style and spending a huge amount of money every season on trendy clothes does not guarantee a great look, often quite the opposite. What is misunderstood about fashion is that a collection is the visual manifestation of the designer’s imagination, it’s there to enjoy and be inspired by. If you go to a Damien Hirst exhibition does it mean that you […]

How to shop the January Sales

It’s common knowledge that practice makes perfect; alas, I haven’t applied this mantra to learning an instrument, a language, knitting or any other worthy activity. Instead I’ve spent more years than I care to remember perfecting the art of shopping but this doesn’t mean that I’ve bought a huge amount of expensive designer clothes. I’ve honed the art of bargain hunting, I’m a skilled sale shopper and an Ebay Jedi –  the fashion force will tell me where the beautiful vintage clothes are at. When it comes to the January sales there are a few rules that I stick to religiously: 1) Only buy things that you actually want and see yourself wearing. This sounds so obvious as to render it a mute point but in my personal styling days I cleared out many an […]

Frocks Away

I’ve had a request to put together a guide for the best Christmas dresses – as a dutiful blog monkey I’ve obliged.  Now, I should point out from the off start that any dressing guide that I assemble will never be run of the mill party frocks. I try to avoid anything too generic and obvious. I often fail to do this, but it remains my overriding intention. In short, I believe that to stand out rules must be broken.  With that in mind, here’s a selection of my favourite dresses for Christmas parties, I’ve covered the traditional festive red and LBD bases. However, I think white and cream in the winter is a beautiful option that’s guaranteed distinguish one from a sea of black.   Featured image courtesy of

For the love of Shoes

Women love shoes. Well, that’s not entirely true – most women are at least very fond of shoes. It’s a lazy stereotype that I had hoped to avoid, but most cliches are rooted in a grain of truth. In this instance it’s not so much a grain as a whole granary of truth. The reason women love beautiful shoes is regardless of how self-conscious she’s feeling about her body or the relative plainness of her outfit, a killer pair of shoes immediately elevate the look to something special. Speaking for myself, wearing heels never fails to make me feel confident, which is ironic seeing as I frequently stack it in my stillies. However, I’ve been known to trip over my own feet in flats and unimpeded by obstacles of any kind. In short, […]

Charlotte Tilbury: from Youtube to Yourface

I’m a champion procrastinator, I’ve whiled away many an unproductive but happy hour watching videos on YouTube and browsing for vintage clothes on eBay. My favourite videos on Youtube either involve Honey Badgers, full grown men re-creating the conversations of a two-year-old or makeup tutorials.  The plethora of makeup tutorials on YouTube are somewhat hit and miss, however there are some that provide indispensable advice from veteran makeup artists who’ve honed their craft after years of working in the industry. In my opinion, the best ones are by Pixiwoo, Lisa Eldridge and Charlotte Tilbury. The proliferation of  YouTube tutorials have fundamentally changed the way makeup brands market their products. No longer can brands rely on glossy adverts and pretty packaging to tempt customers to part with their hard earned cash – women want to see the products […]

Georgia Hardinge: The best designer on the high street

Designer/High Street collaborations have become something of a rite passage for the brands involved. For the designer it’s an acknowledgement that their brand has earned mass appeal that the general public wants to buy into. For the High Street brand  it’s is a way of flexing their fashion muscles, not only displaying the high calibre talent they’ve pulled, but also proving  they have their finger on the zeitgeist’s pulse.  For the shopping public it’s a chance to own clothes by designers whose usual  sky high prices are permanently out of reach. However, oftentimes Designer/High Street collaborations cause a shopping riot that’s not worth the hassle. The recent Isabel Marant for H&M collection sold out in hours and the  store on Kensington High Street had shoppers setting up camping outside the store in freezing temperatures. […]

The hot brand to know about now – Self Portrait

I have an unquenchable thirst for fashion that is rarely sated; it’s a burning preoccupation that needs to be fed with fashion news, new designers and trends. However, even I can suffer from fashion fatigue – there are days when I can’t bear to look clothes or write about new trends. When they do it’s most unsettling, my obsessive sartorial compulsions are what a fuel a lot of my work. However, once in a while a brand comes a long that re-lights the flame and stokes the engine of the my fixation – one such brand is Self Portrait. Founded this year by Central Saint Martin’s graduate Han Chong who is also behind the in-the-know brand Three Floor. I’ve been a fan of Three Floor since its launch in 2011, but Self Portrait […]

Cool Yule: Christmas in Bloom

It’s an boring and unoriginal cliche, but Christmas has come round really quickly this year.  I’m well aware that I’m grumbling like a puritanical miserablist, but it seems that  saccharine TV commercials peddling tidings of comfort and joy appear on our screens way before the trees have shed their summer leaves. Despite my dismay at festive advertising shooting its load too early, I’m actually rather fond of Christmas. Hanging out with my family, cooking, decorating the house with twinkling lights are activities that make me very happy indeed.  Added to that is the pleasure of getting to dress up for parties; any excuse for a fancy frock and a cocktail. What I don’t so enjoy so much about christmas dressing how homogenised the ‘Christmas party look’ has become. The afore mentioned cursed festive […]