Sargossa: Practical Beauty

I’ve written extensively about my hopeless lack of coordination; I’ve suffered broken bones and countless sprains due to my propensity to fall over. I have on more than one occasion, fallen over running in heels and sprained both ankles at once. Even though my feet and ankles are screwed I can’t my break up my abusive relationship with high heels.

I’ve recently come across an amazing brand that marry comfort with seductive good looks. I’ve been wearing Sargossa heels for a while and I can personally testify to their blissful comfort. Nana Liv, the designer behind Sargossa, took two years researching the most supportive and intelligent design to support the feet whilst maintaining high levels of beauty. I’ve had a peek at the SS15 outing, which is lovely. The jolly red and bronze Christmas collection is also gorgeous, I can’t wait to wear them come the festive season.

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