Summer Sale Guide

The summer sales are in full swing and it’s very tempting to snap up all manner of frivolous fripperies. However, I would always advise prudent shopping during the discount season. Too many times I’ve gone home with bags of trash that I’ve bought mistaking cheapness for a bargain. It doesn’t matter how much is knocked off the original price, if it’s something that looks tatty and is poor quality, you won’t wear it. It’ll end up lurking around the back of the wardrobe, guiltily not being used and reminding you of the wasted money, until it finally goes to the charity shop.

Sale shopping should be the time when you pick up high quality staples that are usually out of reach. It’s better to buy one great piece that will help form the bedrock of your capsule wardrobe. I bought an amazing silk shirt in last year’s sales and I’ve worn it every week since.

Sale 1.1
1. Jacket by Carven was £490 now £294. 2. Jeans by Gentic Denim was £215 now £150. 3. Shirt by Dagmar was £170 now £85.
Sale 2
3. Dress by Antipodium was £185 now £95. 4. Bag by Whistles was £275 now £165. 6. Shoes by Carvela was £95 now £40

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