Playing Dress-Up

When I lived at home with my parents, I would often leave the house dressed up like a Christmas tree. My look was usually totally out of place with my surroundings. My Mum didn’t try to stifle my flamboyance, but would often suggest that I slung a denim jacket over whatever frivolous outfit was I wearing. I would groan in exasperation, in the way only a teenager can. Looking back, she was inevitably right, which was annoying at the time, but ultimately reassuring. I’ve replaced the denim jacket with a leather one, and I like to style dressy¬†clothes with casual, sporty basics. This skirt is by Lisa Redman, the t-shirt is from American Apparel, the trainers by Nike and the jacket is by Whistles.

The pleated Stalwart

There are certain standby looks that I know work for me, a pleated midi-skirt and a cropped-top are pretty much failsafe. Sometimes I get a little bored with this outfit, I have it replicated in my wardrobe in multiple colours and incarnations. I long for sleek, masculine tailoring, or skinny leather trousers, but I’ve come to accept that these pieces are never going to work for me. I fear I would look like a butch black pudding in the aforementioned ensemble. Things that ain’t broke need not be fixed. From my midi-skirt/cropped-top base look I can add more masculine pieces, like my coat from Acne (worn in the feature image) or edgy accessories. I love this colour block skirt from Whistles, it’s got a touch of Celine SS14 about it and is a […]