Body Works

I’m aware that I’ve only  blogged about my pregnancy recently, so I apologise to anyone who is is bored of hearing about it. But I guess having a baby is such an all consuming event, that it’s to be expected. I’ve been galloping apace with my writing projects and I’m churning out 2000 words a day in a desperate scrabble to get everything done before the baby shows up in 8 weeks or so. There’s not a lot of brain space after that work is done. I haven’t really gone into many details about the symptoms of my pregnancy, primarily because there’s nothing of interest to talk about. However, the most challenging thing has been accepting my body as it has altered and grown. I have a history of eating disorders, and although I’ve been well […]

Pregnant Rebel

There are certain rules for how pregnant women should dress, it’s supposedly prudent to choose dark colours and wear lots of stretch jersey. I have rejected these rules as they are restrictive and boring; Bretton stripes and body-con dresses are just not for me. Just because I’m pregnant, I see no reason why my style should be drab. Also, the thought of tight clothes right now makes me feel a bit sick. This ruffled dress by ASOS does not comply with sartorial conventional wisdom, but I care not. It reminds me of Gucci’s SS17 collection, which I rather like. I’ve paired it with blue velvet boots that I found in my local charity shop.

Heavy Days

Despite my attempt to avoid maternity wear, I found this maternity dress on ASOS which I’m rather pleased with. I can never resist a pretty 70s vibe frock. I’m 29 weeks along and I now understand what is meant by the phrase ‘heavily pregnant’. I can’t get up or sit down without groaning like an angry buffalo. Heaving myself in and out of the bath is like the Shamu show at SeaWorld. My pregnancy has been pretty easy, considering what a tough time some women have, but I’m looking forward to it being over. I’m not only excited to meet our baby boy, but also it’ll be a relief to have my body back to myself. He’s currently tap dancing on my bladder, which is just charming.

An Un-Mumsy Pregnancy

My mission to dress my bump without submitting to maternity wear continues with this blouse by Teatum Jones. I didn’t go to a lot of events at London Fashion Week, primarily because I’m six months pregnant and in no mood to waddle around the shows. Also, I don’t really have enough fashion week appropriate outfits to wear,  but I felt confident in this top from TJ’s SS17 collection. I wore it with a pleated skirt from ASOS, which isn’t from their maternity range, but has a forgiving elasticated waist. I picked up these shoes from Topshop and they are neither practical or mumsy, which may make them an imprudent purchase. But just because I’m pregnant I don’t see why I should surrender my identity. I anticipate being the sort of mum who’ll rock up to the school gates in pink […]

Big Cats

Leopard print is an enduring classic which is always in style. However, there are some seasons when animal print is more in vogue, and this fall it’s everywhere. I love a bit of leopard, but it can easily look a little Bet Lynch – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. As Diana Vreeland once said, too much good taste can be boring. I like to wear it with simple accessories and minimal makeup – just a slash of kitten-flick eyeliner. But I also like it when leopard is mixed with other clashing prints, or bright jewel colours.  

It’s not easy being green

At the moment, I like wearing different shades of the same colour. I’ve always been a fan of a pleated skirt, and despite the fact that I have many, I couldn’t resist this olive green one from ASOS. I’ve styled it with my favourite jumper from Teatum Jones‘ AW16 collection; I love the ribbed tailoring, the extra long sleeves and the cut-out details at the elbow.

I capture the castle

There are certain looks that I revisit time and time again and the 70s frock has become a stalwart in my wardrobe. I think the 70s was the last decade of truly beautiful clothes. The 80s was brash and sometimes interesting, but not beautiful. 90s grunge was cool, while the 00s was horrid. It was the decade of overly straightened hair, bejewelled denim and sparkly butterfly-shaped crop tops. To top if off, everyone was covered in a thick layer of orange fake tan. Britney Spears has a lot to answer for. My eternal style icons are Stevie Nicks and Kate Bush. I like to imagine myself wafting around a castle carpeted with dry ice, a chorus of backing singers chronicling the narrative of my tragic love story… Of course, if my fantasy were to become a reality, […]

Flora and Fauna

I’ve never been into sleek, minimalist chic. I think a paired back look is fabulous on other people, but it’s not me. Perhaps my style will become more grown up with time, but for now I’m into floral prints and ruffles. This dress is from ASOS covers all the bases. The shoes are from, a Spanish company that makes the best espadrilles I’ve ever come across; they’re beautifully made and very comfortable.

Back to Floral

I’ve been meaning to feature this dress for ages. I bought it from ASOS a couple of years ago (similar here), and it has a Reformation vibe that I like. I go through stages of being obsessed with a particular style or print and recently, I’ve been living in long floral frocks. In the past, I’ve gone through periods of only wearing leather mini skirts with over-the-knee boots, anything iridescent or flared scuba fabric skirts. My current look is perhaps a little basic and I’ve definitely lost my edge. However, I think dressing edgy for the sake of it can come across as rather contrived. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with finding a style you feel comfortable in, and sticking with it.  

Saturday Night Fever

I used to go dancing nearly every week, but I haven’t been in ages. I couldn’t resist this little cracker from ASOS, although it screams disco. I’m going to organise a night out on the tiles, just so I can wear this dress. The shoes are from Aldo (similar here and here) and the earrings are from Georgiana Scott.

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